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by Andrew Wilson Online Jewelry Store

The below is a concise list of each piece for male jewelry I may have heard about. Whether you are searching for more detail, here is a more in-depth look also at key pieces in male jewelry.

Wedding bands – A traditional piece for jewelry that has been around for more than half a century, wedding rings are typically made from gold, silver, or platinum and are basic in nature.

Watches – A practical piece of jewelry, watches are as discreet as engagement rings and suitable to wear under all cases save for black-tie occasions (although this is an ancient law observed by few). The easier the watch, in fact, the more dressers it is. The simple black leather strap of Arabic and Roman number system and a small silver timepiece is durable and elegant. Aluminum watches are perfect for suits or sport jackets, whereas casual wear can be saved for fabric bands or plastic watches.

Blazer Buttons – Typically comes with basic brass buttons whenever a man purchases a blazer. He has, therefore, the option of upgrading them to silver and gold buttons. Horn or mother of pearl was choices here too, but the point is that the blazer jacket is distinctly differentiated by the buttons' ornamentation.

Due to their large range of premium blazer buttons, businesses like Ben Silver have built up a good reputation.

Cufflinks & shirt studs – Cufflinks or shirt studs are practical items of hardware that lock in place the cuffs or the front of the dress shirt, usually wherever buttons should have been. More generally, shirt studs were synonymous with black tie wear, while cufflinks often require French and double cuffs. Metallic cufflinks consisting of precious metals are by far the most formal of plain styles, whilst any cufflink featuring a novelty style is just for playing at the workplace.

Rings – Class rings, fraternal rings, title rings, and elegant rings come in a huge range of types. When stated earlier, engagement bands are often appropriate, but other bands in the us must be worn to greater care. In most cases, class or fraternal rings are appropriate, while title rings are only reserved for parties with old friends or for fights in a back lane.

Belt Buckles – Prize belt buckles were used in the American west that since the 1920s, given out to rodeo participants and other award winners. They became more popular in the 1950s while Hollywood stimulated their popularity and recognition, not realistic for regular work wear (while other uses them while dressing up). The guidelines on wearing the western buckle are for this: you or an ancestor would have won it because it is a competition buckle. If not, put them onto the rack. 

 Bracelets – Decorative, functional, warning to causes, or medical. For thousands of years, royal men have carried ornamental silver bracelets for men, and more popular today is cause-related bracelets, practical bracelets like parachute cord bracelets, and health alert bracelets that have the stamina of a man during the case he loses awareness.

Honestly, I believe that a man for fashion jewelry stores must be very careful, for bracelets are yet another matter. Given their recent misuse, I think if a man is a sincere champion of the cause, they become excellent initiators of dialogue and can contribute to greater understanding. As for survival bracelets – well, I really need to hear that true story of a guy living because of his watch.

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