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In USA, a logo design is known as the premier aspect that gives your business the recognition it needs. The processes involved in creating a logo vary from one another, some of the processes being very vigorous ones. The first and foremost step being sketching, however, it is not what was done in high school or college sketching faces, shapes or animals. In short, there are 5 types of logos, each having their own importance. These are:


1.       Graphic Based Design (Symbolic)

Whether it is a symbol or an icon, it falls into the category of graphic based design. USA logo design has many examples of graphic based design such as the Target bullseye, the iconic Apple logo, or the Twitter bird. These are established brands that makes use of emblems as their logo design in USA. Whenever, anyone sees them, they recognize them instantly while looking at their emblem. A new company may have a hard time making an exact replica of the logo design. Besides that, they are also referred to as ideograms, icons, or marks. The companies that make use of such logos are engrossed more towards the image rather than the text. The logo design in USA are used more in the companies that have a well-established history.


2.       Mascots

Another form of USA Logo Design is mascot, in which more cartoonist images are used. It is basically a character which becomes the identity of your organization. There are various examples of mascots such as Planter’s Mr. Peanut, Kool-Aid Man, or KFC’s Colonel.


3.       Word marks

The third form of logo design in USA are popularly known as word marks or logotypes. They are considered as unique in their own way or form. They don’t need a mark, symbol, or an icon to define them. It is all about the style, typography color and size that represents them. Examples of Word marks include Google, Coca-Cola, Visa etc. fashion labels also make use of Word marks featuring elegant looking fonts. On the other hand, government and legal agencies makes use of heavier forms of texts.


4.       Letter-marks (or monogram logos)

The fourth form of logo USA are letter marks also called as monogram logos. Instead of making use of lengthy names, they only take the initials into account. Examples of such letter marks include HBO, IBM, CNN or HP. Renowned business organizations prefer two or three words initials rather than long names, hence the reason why they are also referred to as monogram logos.


5.       Combination Mark

A combination mark is better known as the logo design USA featuring both the text as well as the emblem. This type of design provides a much more focused identity centered towards on information rather than interpretation. 

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