Types of Elevator Installations and Their Features

by Residential Lifts Marketing
Ever since elevators came into existence, they have seen a complete ovulation of the design and because of this; they have managed to become hugely popular across the globe. The kind of fame and popularity that different kinds of elevator installations achieved force manufacturers to develop different designs and models. Some of the best kinds have been discussed here in this post.

Passenger Elevators 

  • This version of basically designed to carry numerous people between floors at a time and generally, the capacity of this version is determined by the specific building.
  • This means that usually you can find than having a capacity of 2 to 25 members, but with the help of lift modernisation, this capacity can also be altered and increased.

Express Elevators

  • According to the elevator installation experts, this version is generally meant to serve only some floors and this is why this version gets this name of express elevators.
  • The common example is the lift designed for carrying people straight to the top floor from the reception desk or lobby.

Urban Transport Elevators

  • Experts say that this version of lifts is designed to move passengers between several altitude potions, but not inside the building.
  • Yes, this version is designed to work in the exteriors and the best example is the elevator installation done around the hill from the bottom to the top.

Freight Elevators

  • This version is generally designed only for transportation of freight and goods and the load could vary between 2000 and 4500 KGs.
  • Again, with the help of the lift modernisation experts, the amount of weight that this version can carry can be altered and increased depending upon the needs.
  • Experts say that in most cases, their source of power is the electrical engines.

Stage Elevators

  • Experts say that this version is generally used in theatres to lift the entire stage that is full of musicians and other artists.
  • They are often powered by hydraulics and their lift distance is limited to one or two building levels.

Vehicle Elevators

  • This is yet another heavy-duty version of elevator installation and is basically used to transfer vehicles towards higher tiers in parking areas.
  • You will find this version frequently used in multi-level parking lots and some of them have rotating design and this means that they can also rotate to save a good amount of space.
  • This rotating design assures that the driver will have to drive only forward or backward to park in or exit the vehicle.

Boat Elevators

  • Sellers and lift modernisation experts claim that this is another very influential version of elevators and is generally used in smaller river sections, canals, etc.
  • The main task is to lift entire sections of the water and bridge two differing water levels.

Some More Examples Given In the Context of Elevators Are – 

  • Aircraft Elevators – Often used on aircraft carriers
  • Residential Elevators – Used to transfer people inside one house or multistorey mansion.
  • Dumbwaiter – Used to transport food and other kitchen materials
  • Paternoster – Uses the principle of revolving cabins
  • Belt elevator – Used to transport material over inclined planes

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