Types of DJ Lights For Setting Up a disco light show in Your Bar or Club

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DJ lights are a popular form of lighting commonly used by night clubs, mobile DJs and at most late night bars and nightclubs around the world. They are available in a range of styles from neon to subtle lighting and colored lights. There are also lights designed for use in specific areas such as dance music, club areas, the bathroom or the alter.

You can find DJ lights for indoor usage at great value online at Amazon. If you are looking for party or music lighting then the Amazon Kindle Fire is perfect for reading while dancing and watching your favourite music videos and photos. The Kindle Fire can be used with any of Amazon's accessories including the Kindle Air or Fire HD to enjoy movies and music from any selection of new releases.

There are many benefits of using LED (light emitting diode) and photocell technology in DJ lights. Firstly they give much better light than incandescent bulbs, they have a much longer life and are far more durable than any other style of light. Secondly they are much more energy efficient and require very little continuous power, this is especially important if you're using them near a heater or fan. They are also quite durable given the weight they need to be held with so they are not as easily damaged as some other types of light. Finally they are quite bright which is essential when you consider the number of people you will be lighting.

One of the most popular DJ lights are the ones that are designed to enhance and accentuate certain dance moves. For example, there are lights that shine down from above which bounce up and shine down on the foot pedals of a DJ mixer to illuminate the faces of the dancers and crowds. This is especially useful for darker dance floors and to set the mood and atmosphere for an evening at your club or venue. These types of lighting are quite expensive but are definitely worth paying for to get exactly what you want. If you have a DJ who is particularly good at doing choreographed moves then you could invest in a light which specifically reflects that.

Another common item in the lighting setup of a DJ is a remote control unit. These days the vast majority of DJ lights come fitted with a built in remote control. You can use these to change the volume, switch DJ songs on and off as well as being able to scan through the list of songs currently playing. A good remote control unit can also be used as a type of decoration for your DJ gigs by placing the light next to the name of the artist, this way the light will flash whenever the artist's name is called out. It is not however recommended to place the light next to the stage as the sound from the audience and artist will often block out the sounds of your remote.

The three main categories of DJ lights available on the market at the moment are incandescent, LED and photocell. Incandescent bulbs are perhaps the most popular due to their low price and long life but unfortunately are not very bright and do not create a lot of light for performing. LED lights are very bright and produce a lot of light for a much higher price but can tend to burn out more easily and tend to produce a lot of heat. Photocell lights are relatively new on the market and are being designed to emulate the effect produced by a photocell sensor found in many digital cameras.

There are many different types of dj lights available to purchase online these days and the selection is almost limitless. Some of the larger internet stores such as Amazon even have a large variety of these products on offer at the same time as they also stock other DJ gear such as headphones, speakers, DJ desks and other accessories. If you prefer to shop for DJ lights on the high street it can sometimes be hard to find what you want as well as being limited by what is on offer from smaller shops.

As you can see from the above information there are many types of lighting available to the disc jockey and those that are looking to set up an entertainment DJ atmosphere in their venue. When shopping online you will probably find that the range is greater and the price you are quoted will usually be the same no matter where you order from. There are many stores online that will offer competitive prices, although always check their delivery times and delivery costs before making your final decision. Many online stores will offer free delivery and often even a money back guarantee on certain items so if you don't like what you see you can simply return it. An important consideration when ordering online is that you will need to ensure that the site you have selected has security features in place to prevent your personal details from being stolen and used by those that are not entitled to that information.

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