Types of car wax: which should you use?

by Sam Smith Search Engine Marketing

Waxing your car is an important step in maintaining your car. Apart from enhancing your car’s look, waxing also protects your car from a variety of environmental conditions. So, one should never skip this step while cleaning his/her car.

Car wax can also shield some slight damages on your car effectively. Therefore, you should choose the right car wax to ensure your car is safe from fading, corrosion, and scratches. Car waxes are mainly two types, natural and synthetic. These two types of car waxes come in four different forms to let you choose the perfect one for your car. Let’s see the different types of car waxes in detail.

1.      Natural car wax:

Natural car wax is made using the leaves of the Copernicia Cerifera palm tree. This tree is also known as carnauba and mostly grown in Brazil. Natural car wax comes in two colors, yellow and white. The yellow natural car wax is the purest form of carnauba and costly option for choosing. Also, this car wax can protect your car from different contaminants effectively and has high popularity in the market. However, it doesn’t last long compared to synthetic car wax.

2.      Synthetic car wax:

Synthetic car wax is an artificial one and uses different chemicals. This wax can last for up to one year and offer a unique shine to your car. Also, this wax requires less time to apply and shows the result quickly. It is less expensive and most preferred for regular drivers.

Forms of different car wax:

1.      Paste:

It is a common form of natural car wax and usually very hard. That’s why the user needs to put more effort while dealing with paste wax. However, it offers the highest protection than other forms of wax and natural shine to your car. Paste wax includes some natural oils to offer a unique shine than other waxes. Also, it is expensive than other forms of wax.

2.      Liquid:

Liquid wax is mostly preferred as it can be applied easily in less time compared to paste wax. This wax combines both natural and synthetic properties to offer natural shine and long-lasting performance. As liquid wax dries faster, it may be challenging for you to apply it.

3.      Spray:

Spray car wax is a good option to treat some spots on your car surface. As it doesn’t last for a long time, you can’t consider it as an alternative option of paste or liquid forms.

4.      Colored:

The colored form is ideal for filling the scratches on your car surface. You need to choose the matching color of wax with your car paint to hide the scratches. But some people don’t find it useful, as cars have a clear coat over the base coat, and it is worthless to fill the clear coat with colored wax.


It may be difficult for you to choose one type of wax out of many options. However, if you want to complete the task quickly, then synthetic wax is ideal for you. If you can afford to spend time on maintaining your car, then you can go for the paste form or other types of wax according to your requirement.

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