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We all know when you lose your favorite television program and how annoying it can be. Below is a list of common TV problems and solutions that worked for us under certain circumstances. I suggest you try these simple solutions before calling any TV service Bangalore.

Common TV problems we see often:

  1. The TV does not respond to the remote. A possible solution is to use a digital camera or your cell phone works well and targets the remote end into the camera. Press the button on the remote and you should see the light on the camera screen. If you see the light, the remote works well and the problem is with the TV. I know this is easy, but make sure the TV is plugged into a trusted outlet. Change outlets and see if the problem persists.
  2. The image on the TV looks 'zoomed-in' or 'cropped off'. A possible solution is to find a button that tells you the format, aspect, ratio or image size of your remote. Does it change the picture? If so, press that button until you reach the desired image adjustment.
  3. The TV will shut down. One solution is to make sure your TV doesn't overheat by keeping the room open and close to room temperature.
  4. The TV screen is half dim and half-bright. The problem is caused by a defective LCD panel. A possible solution is a defective LCD panel needs to be replaced.
  5. It indicates that energy or energy does not light. The defective power supply board or defective mainboard means the problem may be caused by the AD board. A possible solution is to repair or replace the mainboard or power supply board.
  6. If the TV has any problems, unplug the TV for 30 minutes, plug it back in and try to resume normal operation. This sometimes solves problems by resetting the processor. The reset clears the data and temporarily damaged data and many other issues related to the software or memory.
  7. TV has sound but no film. Try to maximize brightness and contrast. Is there any static on the screen? If so, the line timebase and transformer are faultless. You can hear a very high pitched whistle from the line time base, indicating that you are working.
  8. The TV doesn't have a picture or sound, but sometimes it says 'no signal' on the screen. A possible solution is to unplug your devices like a cable/satellite box, DVD player or game system and plug it back in after 30 minutes. If the problem persists, try to connect a device that you know will work on the TV. If that doesn't work, replace the HDMI cables that connect your device to the TV with the new one.

These can be repaired by some simple methods but not all the time. Contact a nearby LCD or LED TV Repair Bangalore at the time. Doorstep Hub saves you a lot of money on replacement or repair costs and can get your TV back up and running quickly.

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