Tummy Tuck Surgery – Uncover Your Belly With Confidence

by Sheetal Goswami Blogger for Tricity Institute Of Plastic Surgery
Females with the dappled figure, a flat stomach, and a slim waist can drive men to go crazy. However, all those girls who are suffering from a high degree of obesity, the presence of rough scars, postnatal stretch marks, hanging "apron" belly, become a laughing stock for others. A sagging belly is one of the most terrible things that a girl can see in the reflection of a mirror. The same applies to men as well. You might be interested to know that there are some signs that indicates that you need abdaminoplasty. You should have all the preliminary information before you undergo this type of plasticsurgery.

As a matter of fact, associated with genetic features, pregnancy, childbirth, overweight, etc, disfigure their look and appearance up to a great extent. There are several girls who try to reduce the scale of obesity through a balanced diet, exercise, and cosmetic procedures. Some others quickly fed up with gruesome exercise and diet restriction in a short duration of time and want an instant solution of the problem. For such individuals, Tummy Tuck Surgery is recommended. 

What Exactly Is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy Tuck Surgery, which is also called abdominoplasty, is an aesthetic operation in which doctors remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and tighten the abdominal muscles. It makes the abdominal wall more taut and elastic easily. 

When Is The Right Time To Conduct Abdominoplasty?

This plastic surgery can be done to both men and women. All those people who have steady weight, good physical shape and no contraindications for health reasons, can go for this operation. Sometimes, Abdominoplasty is assumed as liposuction, which is done to eliminate excess fat deposits in aspiration via vacuum. Doctors can combine both operations to get the best results. Always keep in mind that lifting the abdomen is an excellent way to restore the aesthetics of the figure.

When is This Operation Not Recommended

It is not recommended to carry out abdominoplasty on females who are planning pregnancy in the near future because it may lead to a loss of the restored muscle plastic and the appearance of a hernia during the fetal gestation. So, it would be better to postpone the operation and conduct it after childbirth. 

Smoking patients are not allowed to go for Tummy Tuck Surgery as smoking worsens the regeneration of tissues in the postoperative period and increases the risk of dangerous complications during surgery and after it. 

If you are planning to lose a lot of extra pounds even after knowing all these pros and cons, then a tummy tuck operation is feasible for you. Always keep in mind that scars remain abdomen skin even after the implementation of abdominoplasty. If this is a case with you, consult your doctor and mull over all possible options for reducing the scars to a minimum level. 

Preparation For Tummy Tuck Surgery

Stop smoking if you have to go for the operation. Smoking can increase the risk of serious complications, and slow down the healing process of tissues. Avoid all nicotine-substituting agents as far as possible, such as - chewing gums, nicotine patches, capsules, etc. Make sure that your meals are balanced, complete and correct. 

It is undesirable to use excessive diets before the operation. Your surgeon may instruct you to stop taking certain medications and medicines, as well as food supplements for a certain period before and after plastic surgery.

Rehabilitation After Tummy Tuck Surgery

The skin and the bandage are superimposed on the skin after partial or full tightening of the abdomen. Sutures can be removed within 10-12 days after the operation. The primary rehabilitation period lasts about 7-10 days and full goes up to one and a half months. 

During this time, it is necessary to wear special compression, supporting lingerie. In addition, the doctor will advise you in which position it is better to sit or lie in order to minimize the postoperative pain syndrome. 

Be sure to follow all the instructions and recommendations of your surgeon during this period. This will help to go through the rehabilitation process quickly and easily without complications. Just reduce intense physical activity for a period of four to six weeks as it would allow tissues to recover safely.

Main Complications And Side Effects of Tummy Tuck Operation

  • Notable and dense skin scars,
  • Hematomas and bleeding,
  • Infection of tissues, local suppuration, sepsis,
  • Accumulation in the tissues of exudate or edematous fluid,
  • Slow and lax wound healing,
  • Thrombosis,
  • Numbness and other changes in tactile sensitivity,
  • Risks associated with anesthesia,
  • Change in skin tone in the operated area,
  • Prolonged edema of tissues,
  • Deadening of fatty tissue,
  • Divergence of sutures and opening of wound and
  • Asymmetry of the abdominal wall after the operation.

Consult your doctor if you face such problems and get the necessary medical treatment to eliminate health hazards.

Back To Your Normal Life

The majority of the patients are satisfied with their new appearance after Tummy Tuck Surgery and the end of the rehabilitation period. Some of them face problems to get used to their new look. Just be prepared for a new lifestyle, diet, physical activity and emotional state and look beautiful and slender after the Abdominoplasty.

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