The pros of using antibacterial shower gel !

by Vanya Luxury Herbal Luxury Brand

These days, we are exposed to millions of germs and bacteria and to fight with them, we need a good immune system as well as some great antibacterial products. Antibacterial products reduce the risk of getting sick or passing germs and bacteria onto others. You can find a wide range of products with antibacterial properties. From hand wash to shower gels/body wash, from tissue papers to sanitizers, you will find a plethora of products that help in killing the germs and bacteria which people come across every day. Some might say that regular soaps and showers gels do the same job, thus, here are some of the best points to understand the pros and cons of antibacterial products. 


What is the antibacterial shower gel? 


Antibacterial shower gels are cleaning products with active antimicrobial ingredients which are generally not found in the regular shower gels. These products work best to kill microorganisms or stop their growth. For example, antibiotics as well as antibacterial shower gels or body wash are used to fight bacteria. Though bacteria doesn’t sound like a nice thing, it can be good for you as well. The body needs bacteria to maintain a healthy as well as a balanced environment on the skin. But it is not a bad idea to get rid of the germs as much as possible. So, here are some of the pros of antibacterial shower gel. 


Pros of antibacterial shower gel


  • Antibacterial shower gel kills the bad bacteria. 
  • Some of them are made with natural ingredients. 
  • When not overused, they make sure to keep you healthy. 
  • When used every day, one can avoid any rashes, etc. created by the germs. 
  • They are best when the weather is too humid. 


Switch to shower gels made from natural anti-bacterial properties 


Using good shower gels can be a boon for everyone especially if it has some amazing antibacterial properties and doesn’t harm the skin. Shower gels made from natural products such as mint and tulsi are amazing. They are not harsh on the skin and keep the germs at bay naturally. A variety of mint and tulsi essential oils is used in the shower gel to make them perfect. As these products have natural anti-bacterial properties, it gently removes the dirt, toxins, and bacteria lingering on the skin. Below are some of the benefits of using tulsi and mint shower gel. 


  • Doesn’t dry body after taking up a shower
  • It refreshed the body as well as the mind 
  • This is perfect for everyday use
  • Doesn’t matter what skin type you have, it works awesome
  • It has a freshening and calming effect on the skin
  • Best to use in summers and rainy season


How to use an antibacterial shower gel? 

·         During the bath, take a small quantity of the natural antibacterial shower gel/body wash and apply it gently on the wet body with your palm or put it on a wet loofah to cleanse the skin the exfoliate the dead cells. 

·         Rinse off the foam thoroughly from the skin. Don’t overuse or it can reduce the healthy bacteria on the skin. Don’t use products with added chemicals as it can remove the natural oils from the skin. 

·         After the shower, use a nice and gentle body lotion on your body. It will not only soothe your skin but it will leave a lasting fragrance. 


How to choose the right product? 


Though there are plenty of products available in the market, it has become quite necessary to pick the right products, especially when it comes to buying antibacterial shower gel. So, while choosing the product, ensure the products are of all skin types or particular for your skin type. If you have oily skin, then do not go for products for dry skin or you will end up having oilier skin. Pick products that are loaded with natural ingredients like aloe vera extract, essential oils, etc. Do not buy products that are loaded with chemicals. 

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