Truth and Techniques for Your Sensitive Skin

by Namisha Singh Beauty Blogger

Do you often feel confused about your skin type? An all-natural cleansing face scrub may work on combination skin but not likely on sensitive skin. If you restrain from using any products because your skin reacts to everything, then it’s even more critical for you to understand your skin type and protect it. Just buying a Natural face cleanser online won’t work unless you follow a proper skincare routine. Let’s help you dive right into the key factors in choosing products wisely and cherishing your skin.

Types of skin

There are 4 basic skin types: Normal, oily, dry and combination.

  • Dry: Dry skin looks cracked, flaky and dull. It is common in winters but may occur because of reduced oil production and dehydration due to a lack of proper moisturization and nourishment in the skin. Start with a natural face wash for glowing skin and some face oils to soothe and deeply nourish your dry skin.
  • Oily: Oily skin has large pores due to increased levels of oil. The skin is usually greasy to touch and is prone to having pimples and acne. Oil production can be increased because of excessive heat generation in the body or certain hormonal issues. Sometimes, when our skin is dehydrated, it may produce more oil to compensate for the dryness, as it cannot produce water. A combination of Natural face serum and natural face cleanser for oily skin can help balance the skin’s oil production.
  • Normal: A normal skin is well balanced in all proportions. It is neither oily nor dry. It is usually smooth and supple to touch. To add to its beauty, choose the best face oil for glowing skin and to maintain its health.
  • Combination: A combination of skin is both oily and dry. Certain parts of the face like the nose and forehead may be oily, while the cheeks may remain normal or flaky.

Wash your face with a daily gentle cleanser. Pat it dry and do not apply any skin care product. After an hour, check the texture of your skin. You may tap a dry tissue paper on your face and look for signs of oil or dry skin flakes.

If your skin doesn’t fall into any of those categories and always remains on the edge, your skin falls in the 5th category, which is sensitive skin.

Do you have sensitive skin?

The International Journal of Cosmetic Science says certain ingredients and environmental factors that are not marked as common irritants may cause harm to sensitive skin. For example, pollution, UV rays, cosmetics and certain skin care products often cause itching, burning, irritation, redness and swelling.

How to take care of sensitive skin?

One must be extremely careful with sensitive skin. Dig deep about ingredients and products which are safe for sensitive skin, before using them. Avoid anything with parabens, phthalates, dyes, certain kinds of alcohols, and similar substances. The safest of all is natural and Ayurvedic skin care products.

The correct way is to apply skincare products according to their texture. The thickest products go at the end.

  • Cleansing: If you buy face cleansing cream or a natural face cleanser, make sure it has no harsh ingredients. Green tea and cucumber are some of the safest and most effective ingredients to take care of sensitive skin.
  • Tone: Toning helps to balance the pH level of your skin. Use natural skin toners with ingredients that help in soothing irritation and inflammation.
  • Moisturization: Use gentle lotion or gel-based products that have Aloe vera, Cucumber, Green Tea, or Shea Butter, as their major ingredients.
  • Sun protection: Do not forget to complete your skincare routine with an approved SPF formula. Sunscreens work differently on sensitive skins. Use the one which is free from harsh chemicals and is approved for use on sensitive skin.

As stated by the National Eczema Association, here are some ingredients to be avoided on Eczema-prone skin.

The first step to take care of your sensitive skin involves finding and choosing the best suitable ingredients. After that, stick to this skincare regime without fail and do a patch test before you apply anything to your face. A ritual of using suitable natural ingredients in the correct order and at the accurate time might prove effective within a few days.

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