Troubleshoot 10 Most Common Windows Errors

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During the time you surfing or browsing the web, it is very common to bump into an error. Errors are very common to face with Windows that indicates that there is something wrong with your device or operating system. It can be the faulty driver, recent app corrupt the registry files associated with Windows and lot more. Most of the time, user don’t show interest in digging out the reason behind the error and perform a complete wipe and reinstallation of the operating system. The re-installations some time resolve the problem, but every time the process does not fix the problems. Every problem has its one particular solution, what exactly works on it. Here we have discussed the 10 most common errors of Windows with its one best solution with comprehensive Operating System Help.

The missing DLL files:

Missing DLL message usually means that during the execution of a program, one of the required files (.dll in this case) was nowhere to be found. Here you could fix the error by reinstalling the software, or if it is a system file, you could search for that file online and get a copy of it. It is not just that the replacement file would always work, and secondly, you need to ensure that the website from which you are downloading the file is trustworthy.

Device Errors:

Most of the time, the device might recently stop working, that possibly happens due to some errors in its driver module. In order to fix the problem, first, you need to update the device driver. Here, start with “Device Manager”, click on the “Start Menu” and then type devmgmt.msc. Now, locate the device and right click on it. After this, go to its properties. Here, click on the “Update Driver” button.

The POST beeps:

This might be the first problem that you encounter after turning on your computer device. If all the components inside the computer are working properly, you will hear one beep. But if you hear more than one beep than it means that certain hardware of your computer is not working properly. Its all depends on the manufacturer of your computer’s motherboard; any extra number of beeps that you hear suggests a faulty hardware.

Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD):

Blue Screen of Death is one of the most common issues that could appear in any version of Windows Operating System. The problem has no particular solution and pressing the ESC is not the good solutions as it does not work. This error could be resolved by restarting your device, but here you need to make sure that you unplug all the attached USB and uninstall all the software that you have installed recently.

Virtual Memory is too Low:

The problem usually occurs when you have an insufficient amount of RAM or, an application is taking up your precious memory. The one and only solution to fix the problem is buying some more RAM chips. But if you think that the existing memory is enough and can bear the amount of work you do, then, increase the size of the pagefile.

Browser Errors:

You might encounter varieties of 4xx and 5xx errors that could occur while surfing the web. While some of the error, such as 404 and 408 are usually not your browser’s issue or fault but the server you have pinged.

Fatal Exception errors:

In a computer device, most of the programs and hardware share memory and other resources with each other. But due to some reason, if the program does not get its request fulfilled, you would see an error on your screen “unhandled exception” and the program might even dismiss. In order to fix the issues, visit the Microsoft Web page and identify your problem.

System Error Codes:

Usually, Software programmers follow a protocol in order to assign error codes to inform users about the error and what the error indicates. Here, you can go to the Microsoft website where they have listed all the error codes.

Error 403:

The error means that your computing device has connected to the server, but you don’t have the credential that is must to view the page.

Error 501 or 505:

This error means that the browser is outdated and hence does not support the version of the HTTP protocol. Moreover, it might be possible that the browser does not have the required plugins, like Java or Flash that are essential to show the content of the page. To fix the error, you could install the required plug-in by visiting their official websites.

Error 406:

The error 406 means that the computer device you are using does not have the required software in order to view the content. Here, you need to ensure to download the required software that would fix the problem.

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