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A Power Solutions understands the importance of tri metal and bimetal engine bearings for the main, auxiliary and the various makes and models of the engine in operation for different applications . RA Power Solutions undertakes onsite repair of crankshafts having diameter ranging from 35 to 700 mm for last four decades.

We have bearings of following engine available in stock.

For Main Engine: AKASAKA, MITSUBISHI, HANSHIN, B&W and many more. Some makes are listed below

A-31. 34. 37. 38. 41
AH-25. 27. 28. 30. 33. 36. 38. 40
DH-38SS. 51SS
DM-28FD. 30. 46. 51SS
K-28. 31

UET-45/75C. 45/80D. 52/90C(D)
UEC-37/88. 37H-â…¡B. 45HA. 45/115H. 52HA. 52/105E. 52/125H
60HA. 60/150H. 37L(A). 45L(A). 52L(A). 60LA. 50LS(â…¡). 52LS(â…¡)60LS(â…¡)

EL-30. 32. 35. 38. 40. 44
ELS-35. 44
LU-24G. 26G. 28. 28G. 32. 35. 38. 40. 46. 46A. 50. 50A. 54. 54A
LUD-32. 32G. 35
LUN-28. 28AG. 28ARG
LUS-24. 28G. 38. 40. 46. 54. 58
LF-46. 50. 54. 58

B&W :
L-35MC. 50MC. 60MC. 70MC. 80MC. 90MC
S-35MC. 50MC. 60MC. 70MC. 80MC. 90MC

For Auxiliary Engine: B&W, YANMAR, NIIGATA, DAIHATSU and many more. Some specific makes are listed below:

B&W :
T23LH-4E, L16/24
L23/30, L23/30K, L23/30A
L23/30AK, L23/30H, L23/30HE
L28/32, L28/32V, L28/32A
L28/32H, S28LH-4E, V28/32A
V28/32H, L27/38
L32/40, V32/40

3KL. 4KDL. 5KDL. 5KL. AL-(S.U)T(D),HT. CHL-HTN. G(A)L-(E.H.D.U)T. ST
HAL-(D.H)T(N). K(F)L-(H)T.U(T.F). LA(AL)-DT(N). LD(L)-(F). M(A)L-(H)T(S). DT
M200(A)L-(S.U.D)T. M200(A)L-(E.U)N. N165L-SN.N260L-EN. N280L-EN
T260(L)-(S.U)T. U(A)L-(S.U)T. Z(L)-(D.E.S.U)T. Z280(L)-(E.S.U)T

DK(B)-20. 26. 28. 30. 32
DL(B.N)-16. 19. 20. 22. 24. 26. 28. 32
DS(B.M)-22. 26. 26A. 28. 32. DSD-22. DV-22. 26. PKTB-14. 16. PKTD-16
PL-24. 26. PS(HT-B.C)-22. PS(HT-B.C.D)018D. 20D. 22D. 26D. 26E. 26H. 30D

L-123AHS. 16HS. 16S. 16X. 16XB. 16XC. 18CX. 19HX. 20AX. 25BX. 28EX. 31EZ. 40X
M(G)-16XA. 18CX. 20AX. 20CX. 22LX. 24GT. 25BX. 25CX. 25CV
31EZ. 31X. 34AFTE. 37X. 40X

For more information regarding white metal bearingstri metal bearing, white metal bearing alloy in ingot form and bimetal bearings for any make and model of engine, please drop us an email at

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