Trending Acceptance Level and Popularity of e Cigarette in India

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India has been under the influence of smoking for over centuries. Teenagers take up this habit as a style statement and end up getting addicted to it. But with the passage of time and the introduction vaping in India, the trend of smoking is slowly fading away. Here are few reasons as to the growing popularity and the trending acceptance of e-cigarettes in India.

Healthier than cigarettes: Cigarettes contain tobacco that is extremely injurious to the health. This tobacco is replaced by nicotine in e-cigarettes which is considered to cause less or no harm. Nicotine makes the smoker have the same feeling of smoking but is much healthier. E-cigarettes in India are gaining popularity as it has less carcinogenic effect on the human body and is less effective. Moreover, it does not produce smoke and only vapors are released into the air making it much safer.

Availability in India- E-cigarettes were first introduced in China and gradually were adopted by India as well. There are many vape onlinestores in India where e-cigarettes are available. As people can easily shop for e-cigarettes in India through the online stores, it makes their availability quite easy. For this reason more and more people are coming to buy it leading to its trending acceptance in the country.

Availability of the varieties- E-cigarettes in India are becoming popular with each passing day as the cartridges in them have different flavors unlike the regular cigarettes which have a single flavor. People take up vaping because they have a huge variety to pick up from different flavors which doesn’t necessarily need to be pungent. Furthermore, the vapors produced from vaping are odorless so people around the person vaping doesn’t mind it either.

E-cigarettes look cool- E-cigarettes in India mimic the shape of the regular cigarettes. They are designed in a cylindrical shape with a metallic look which makes it look cool. Teenagers are lured by things that make them look cool and stand out from the others. E-cigarette is the trending fashion being taken up by the teenagers, not only because they want to experience vaping, but also because it will make them look cooler than the smokers and give them an edge over them.

Vaping is considered cool- Change is the only thing that is constant and people are always looking forward to the latest trends. Smoking is the only evil that has never gone out of fashion, but majorly because there was nothing that could replace it. With the introduction of vaping, people are switching over to it. Vaping is the new in thing as it is considered to be cool and in fact better than smoking. Some people smoke only to create clouds from the smoke, and vaping lets them do it better. People can create bigger clouds by vaping and for this reason they want to switch over to. Also because vaping causes less harm than smoking, it certainly gains more popularity over the regular cigarettes.

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