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Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours arrange Kilimanjaro's trek is probably the world's most popular high-altitude trek.

The reason for Kilimanjaro's popularity

It is the tallest mountain in the world on which you can just walk. You need no special climbing equipment, no ropes, and no prior experience. But that doesn't imply it's a walk in the park!

Everyone says that you don't need any experience to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

This is correct because it does not require you to have climbing experience. No technical skills are required. It is nothing more than a hard climb — possibly a little scramble on the "Barrenco Wall," depending on the route you choose.

But trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro is still a very demanding adventure. Even if it does not take any special mountaineering skills, I believe that previous trekking experience makes a lot of difference to your chances of reaching the summit. I also think that those who have climbed mountains before will find trekking on Kilimanjaro easier than those who have never climbed mountains in their lives.

Trekking experience makes a difference

The main problem when trekking Kilimanjaro is altitude: the fact that it takes several days to reach the peak and low oxygen levels at height.

People who have climbed mountains have the advantage that they have learned to pace themselves. He learned to gauge the demands of such a trek and to adjust his pace so that it would allow him to walk for several hours. And they have studied to find a steady rhythm, slowly placing one foot in front of the other, without stopping. If the path becomes fixed, your steps become smaller; the rhythm remains the same. This pace and rhythm let you cover incredible distances and heights, that too, without any notice.

Trekkers have also discovered that even if the path looks endless, even if you feel that you have no energy left, you reach the top until you put one foot in front of the other. And you always have plenty left to make just one shorter walk.

If you have not at all done anything like this, you will not understand how big a difference there is in a steady pace and the right mindset. And you might not even think that walking can be difficult.

Camp & Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The trekking experience on Kilimanjaro is advantageous; the other aspect of it is camping.

Those who used to it, they used to sleep in tents, with minimal facilities, they do not mind it. Many of us love it. I sleep better on the steep ground in a tent on an uneven mountain slope than I do at home in my bedroom — much improved.

If you not worn to it; you cannot sleep so well

Trekking on Kilimanjaro is physically challenging, and you ought to get that sleep. Not getting plenty for four nights in a row is not going to help you during your hilltop attempt.

Thousands deal with their Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours without any experience, and many of them still reach the hilltop. But there is no question that you will be at a burden compared to those who are accustomed to trekking.

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