Treatments to combat hair loss in men and women

by Dr Ashima Goel Skin Specialist in Chandigarh

Losing hair is a widespread condition, and many people suffer from this at some point in their lives. Factors responsible for hair loss might include improper diet, hormonal imbalance, medical condition, intake of certain medications, stress, etc. Some people might experience hair loss due to a genetic condition known as and rogenetic alopecia, which causes a patterned hair loss in males and females. Alopecia areata can also cause hair loss in coin-sized shapes over the scalp. Alopecia areata is a kind of hair loss that is induced by autoimmune destruction of hair follicles in local areas of the skin. To control hair fall, it is necessary to know it’s exact cause. One can consult a well-renowned hair fall doctor in Chandigarh, Dr. Ashima Goel at Parisa Skin Cosmetic & Laser Centre for expert diagnosis, and also find the right treatment.


Before starting a diagnosis, the doctor will examine the patient physically and ask about their medical and family history. The following tests might be performed as well.

  • Blood test: This might help to know about the medical conditions related to hair loss.

  • Pull test: The doctor gently pulls a few hairs to check how many break and come out. This helps to determine how serious the hair shedding is.

  • Scalp biopsy: The doctor takes samples by scraping the skin or from the hairs plucked from the scalp to analyze the hair roots. This may help to determine if any infection is causing the hair loss.

  • Light microscopy: A special instrument is used by the doctor to examine the trimmed hairs at their base. Microscopy helps to reveal possible disorders of the hair shaft.


Hair loss can be reversed, or at least further hair thinning can be prevented by resorting to effective treatment. Here are some of the procedures that can help to combat hair loss.

1. Hair Growth Therapy: A concentrate consisting of growth factors and essential proteins is trending among dermatologists and cosmetologists for purposes like hair loss, skin rejuvenation, and wound healing. This concentrate is released into the scalp with micro-injection or with microneedling. Thus, it amplifies the development of new follicles and also encourages neo-vascularization. The concentrate is rich in anagen – maintaining factors like IGF-1, bFGF, and VEGF. The treatment requires no downtime, and the results can be observed a few months after the treatment.

2. Microneedling with dermaroller: This helps to promote hair growth in patterned hair loss. Unlike other hair treatments that target the surface of the skin, the microneedles in dermaroller extend to the middle layer of the skin and create micro-injuries. These injuries help to produce more collagen and fibers, which help to strengthen the hair follicles.

3. Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is a promising non-invasive treatment. It involves injecting a combination of natural plant extracts, vitamins, or medicines like finasteride and minoxidil into the scalp. This treatment can help to improve certain forms of alopecia like telogen effluvium, stress alopecia, and alopecia areata. This treatment aims to restore and promote microcirculation in the scalp, slow down the shrinking of follicles, and encourage hair growth.

4. Laser Comb: It is a non-invasive, non-chemical alternative to help grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. Laser therapy is applied to the scalp two or three times per week. Low-level laser therapy can be very effective when used appropriately. It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for both its safety and effectiveness. It has been given clearance for hair growth and treatment of hair loss. Many patients respond exceptionally well to this treatment.

Make sure to consult with a certified and experienced doctor for the best results. Parisa Skin Cosmetic & Laser Centre that offers a variety of hair loss treatment in Chandigarh to curb hair loss issues. These treatments are provided by well-trained professionals, under the guidance of Dr. Ashima Goel.

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