Treatment for hearing loss? Benefits of using professional hearing care

by Amit Sahni Audiologist

Healthy hearing is a necessity for healthy living. We might take it for granted, but have you ever thought how life could be if your hearing ability is reduced or lost? Hearing loss is a life-altering issue.

According to the statistics as published in Parliament of Australia, “One in six Australians is affected by hearing loss. With an aging population, this is expected to increase to one in 2050.” While aging is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, exposure to loud noise is another leading contributor. Other medical conditions may also lead to hearing impairment.

What are the treatment options for hearing loss?

Depending on the nature of the hearing loss, several treatment options are available. For example, in conductive hearing loss, the hearing loss occurs due to ear wax or fluid build-up in the middle ear. Such cases are treated by clearing up the wax or the fluid. If the hearing does not improve with these medical interventions, then hearings aids or cochlear implants might be helpful.

The other type is known as the sensorineural hearing loss which is permanent in nature and is caused due to damage in the inner ear cells. In most cases, hearing implants can help improve the situation.

Benefits of using professional hearing care

By opting for professional hearing care services, you can get your condition evaluated and manage your hearing impairment. Depending on your specific case, the hearing care services will fit you with hearing aids or suggest other options so that you can make an informed decision.

Gone are the days, when the hearing aids were bulky and very visible. They are now available in different shapes, sizes and colours to suit your personality and meet your needs. They are hardly visible and can be as tiny as a button.

What to expect from professional hearing care?

Before a treatment plan, you need to understand where you are currently in terms of hearing. Professional hearing care can help you assess your condition. Whether it’s tinnitus or a complete hearing loss, you will be assessed using the latest hearing aid technology. They will then work closely with you to understand your requirement and will provide a solution accordingly so that you continue to live your life unaffected.

Are hearing aids suitable for me?

Although they don’t restore hearing, they can certainly improve your condition. You can hear better, participate meaningfully in a conversation, understand conversations over the telephone, and improve your overall quality of life.  

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