Transmission Overheating – Causes and Prevention!

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Approximately 90% of all the failures in automatic transmissions are caused due to overheating, which is a serious concern. Overhearing can indicate you the issues with transmission fluid. Sine transmission fluid plays a crucial function in the transmission system, not having enough or effective transmission fluid can cause disputes in the transmission.

The best temperature of a fluid is less than 175 degrees. However, when the fluid begins to age, it gradually breaks down and loses its ability to cool down the transmission, which, in turn, results in overheating of the transmission. Also, there are other reasons that cause transmission overheating.

Causes of Transmission Overheating

Given below are the major causes of transmission overheating:

  • Heavy Towing

Overheating of your transmission can be due to numerous heavy towing. This is why you need to opt for a proper transmission repair in Narellan sooner. The transmission of your truck needs to work harder than usual to keep moving when carrying the extra weight added due to the excessive loads.

  • Too Many Traffic Signals

If you live in a busy city, then you are bound to face a lot of traffic signals. Due to this reason, you continually step on the brakes and accelerator, which leads your truck’s transmission to work harder than usual.

  • Hot Climatic Conditions

A hot climate can rise up the temperature of the fluid, which can lead to an overheating of transmission. Moreover, this is why the ATF to wear out faster. Hence, you need to immediately opt for transmission repair before it leads to something worse.

Ways to Prevent Transmission Overheating

Based on the above causes, here are effective the ways to prevent transmission overheating:

  • Keep Checking the Fluids Frequently

Being a truck owner, you need to ensure proper and routine checking of the transmission fluids. It is best if you do the checking every month or so. By checking the fluid, you can determine the lowering of the fluid levels, as well as burnt or dirty fluids. Hence, regular checks on the transmission fluid of your truck’s transmission system you can prevent the issues earlier.

  • Change Fluids Frequently

It is better to change the transmission fluid on every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you drive in extreme conditions like hot climates, facing a lot of traffic signals, or towing heavy loads, then you must opt for changing the transmission fluids more frequently on every 15,000 miles. By doing this, you can ensure that the fluid is best to keep your truck’s transmission system work properly.

  • Changing the Coolant

The radiator of your truck needs is developed for the keeping your transmission cool for maintaining it. It is of utmost importance to change the coolant every two years or so. Moreover, if you tow or haul heavy loads on a regular basis, then you should also opt for adding an external cooler. You can opt for installing an extra coolant with the help of a certified auto wrecker providing services for truck repair in Narellan.

Final Words

Therefore, these are some of the major causes along with ways to prevent the overheating of truck transmission. Furthermore, to identify the cause of transmission overheating earlier so that you can prevent further damages more effectively, it is better to opt for heavy vehicle inspection in Narellan.

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