Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Goa

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Have you been to Goa yet?

Or are you like the rest of those who just plan to visit the place with friends but “Abbu nhi manenge”?

Just as you think of beaches and booze, Goa is the #1 place that comes to our minds. It’s sun, sand and beaches by the day and fun, parties and drinks by the night.

This beautiful place, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is situated on the western coast of India. Its natural beauty captures our hearts and so does the traditional Goan jewellery and their attire.

You don’t believe us?

Well, we are sure you are gonna love these amazing traditional Goan jewellery and dresses.

Traditional Dresses of Goa

Goa has many traditional dresses as it a mixture of various cultures.

Generally, clothes worn by Goan people are made of cotton due to the tropical climate.

Here’s a list of traditional dresses of goa and this sure is interesting.

  1. Nav-Vari Saree

Amruta Khanvilkar | Indian bridal dress, Maharashtrian saree ...

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Oh, how pretty she looks in this gorgeous saree. Doesn’t she?

We are sure loving it!

Nav-Vari means Nine Yards. It is a saree usually worn by using a single nine-yard cloth. Thus, called Nav-Vari which means Nine Yards.

This traditional dress of Goa is usually worn by Hindu women.

  1. Pano Bhaju

The Pano Bhaju, Princess Marie shoes, church robes & wedding gowns ...

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Pano Bhaju is another traditional dress of goa worn by women living there.

This particular piece is from the Moda Goa Museum.

Isn’t it beautiful? This dress is basically a sarong-style skirt paired up with a blouse and a stole.

This lovely dress is traditionally worn to perform a Goan folk dance called Mando.

  1. Kashti

Kunbi- Goa's Tribal Heart

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Yet another traditional dress of Goa is Kashti.

Kashti is a dress made with loincloths. It is worn with a blanket called ‘Kunbi Palloo’.

This attire is still worn by Kunbi, Zalmi, Velip, Dhangar and Gauda tribes of Goa.

Valkal is another traditional dress of goa that is still worn by tribes in Goa. It is made of strings of beads and leafy loincloths.

Bright coloured shirts and bamboo hats worn by fishermen of Koli has become pretty popular. You might even spot tourists wearing them.

Now, we have talked enough about clothes. Goa is known for its beautiful jewellery as well. So, let’s check out some of these Goan jewelleries that you’ll absolutely love.

Traditional Goan Jewellery

The traditional Goa jewellery is pretty unique. And this is the reason why these pieces of jewellery are so popular all over the world.

The work on these pieces of jewellery can be simple as well as very detailed.

Traditional Goan jewellery is worn by brides on their weddings due to the cultural value attached to them.

Let’s look at some very lovely pieces of Goan Jewellery.

  1. Bajubandh

Pinterest ○ @bhavi91 | Gold jewelry fashion, Jewelry bracelets ...

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Bajubandh is a beautiful piece of jewellery worn around the upper arm by women. 

These are so PRETTY!!

They are usually made of gold and embellished with gemstones.

I can only imagine how pretty a bride would look wearing this stunning jewellery.

  1. Patli

Patli Plain 23 Carat Gold Bangles, New Items in Vijayapuri ...

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Patli is another gorgeous Goan jewellery. These are usually made of gold.

The word ‘Patli’ means Thin. As the name suggests, these are thin bangles and they usually have very plain designs.

If you are a minimalist and don’t like too much work on your jewellery, these bangles are just perfect for you.

  1. Gahu Kada

Maharashtrian Tode | Wedding jewellery collection, Gold jewelry ...

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Gahu Kada is also known as “Tode”. These are very beautiful gold bangles worn by Goan brides.

These alluring bangles are very intricate. These delicately carved bangles are mainly worn by women on festive and wedding occasion.

Just look at these. They are oh-so-gorgeous!

  1. Pichode

Pichodi pattern | Bridal gold jewellery, Gold bangles design, Mens ...

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Pichode is another ravishing Goan jewellery worn by women. These bangles are also made of gold and can have precious stones embellished on them.

They surely are unique!!

These bangles will give your ethnic outfit a glamorous touch. 

  1. Ved

Diamand Ved | Shubhan Jewellery

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Ved is a very beautiful piece of jewellery.

This is a pair of studs which is made of gold and embellished with exactly 7 stones as the number 7 is considered auspicious.

  1. Nath

Clip on nath - No Piercing needed | Gold jewelry fashion, Nose ...

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A nath is traditional Goan jewellery adorn on the nose.

These are made of gold and embellished with stones. And it’s so SO gorgeous!!

They are mostly worn by Goan women on weddings, festivals and important ceremonies.

  1. Kaan

Earrings Full Karwari Kaan Moti - Rishabh Gold

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Kaan are a traditional gold earcuffs adorn by women of Goa. These are usually embellished with pearls and colourful stones.

Don’t you just love these bad boys?

These pair of earcuffs are usually worn by the bride at her wedding. Oh, how charming would they look wearing these!

  1. Galsiri

Galsari | Gold jewelry fashion, Black beaded jewelry, Antique ...

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Galsiri is a unique piece of necklace. These are usually made of gold coins and red coral beads strung together with a thread.

These gold coins have religious figures such as Kelbai, Brahmini mai, Vetal, Mahishasurmardini and many more engraved on them.

This is one of the most crucial parts of Goan jewellery.

  1. Ambada Aati

Goan gold hair jewelry "Surga valesar" "Aati " And mor veni | Gold ...

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Ambada Aati is yet another unique Goan jewellery

It is a hair accessory made of gold in designer motifs and embellished with precious stones.

The jewellery is attached to a pin which looks like a U-shaped pin that helps in attaching the jewellery to the hair bun.

We find this jewellery stunning and we hope you do too!

Goan Jewellery is surely very unique and you can find amazing jewellery pieces according to your own taste. 

Whether you are minimalist or you love heavy jewellery, there something for each one of you. Isn’t it awesome?

We hope you find these jewellery pieces as appealing as we did.

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