Toys to Match Your Child's Personality

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You may naturally begin to compare your child to another child, a peer, or a developmental milestone as you see him or her grow. Children, like adults, have their own distinct personalities. Babies learn to assert their identity at a young age. Each personality has a distinct manner of absorbing information and learning. Knowing if your child is timid, calm, entertainer, or explorer can help you lay a firm basis for them to feel confident and successful. Here are some wonderful toys for each personality type in your child.

Toys for Different Personalities

The Shy Little One

The quiet youngster is the one who keeps an eye on everything going on around him. They may not be interacting or speaking, but they are aware of the situation. If you have a shy child, you've probably said something like, "They understand everything I say but haven't said anything yet." This is due to the timid child's need for a lot of practise in order to speak. This one may be found moving their lips discreetly to try out new words or practising in the crib when no one is looking.

Shy Children's Toys


Choose Toys for Your Child Based on Their Personality Type | Baby Chick

The bashful child prefers to play alone. Puzzles are a fun method to teach your child new words while also entertaining them. You can incorporate language routines like "peek-a-boo" to help your child gain confidence before taking the risk of saying their first words.

Sliders in Books

Books with moving parts, such as doors that open and close, allow your youngster to become more involved in book reading. If your child needs assistance opening the door, this could be the perfect time for them to practise speaking.

The At-Ease Child

The relaxed child's personality, like that of the shy child, may appear to be very quiet. In reality, they're just looking for an excuse to use their words. The calm child may be found playing with quieter toys or bopping to music. The relaxed youngster has the advantage of being particularly attentive to book reading, so you won't have to worry about wrestling them for storytime!

Blocks that are magnetic

Building is an excellent technique to develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Remember that if a child is relaxed and motivated, the language will come naturally. Working with magnetic bricks gives them plenty of opportunities to communicate about what they're doing.

Cube of Baby Einstein

Music is essential for language learning because it relaxes the brain. This practise can easily be raised in difficulty by adding words to the music for a fun language routine. Your child will learn words put to song far faster than if he or she only listens to spoken words.

Books with a Texture

Textured books are a pleasant surprise that will encourage baby to express her delight. Your child will be eager to return to these books again and over again—instant motivation!

The Performer

The performer has no qualms about telling you what's on their mind. Parents of entertainers may question if their child has ever been unable to communicate. This child enjoys performing in front of an audience and is not afraid to try new terms. They have no qualms about putting themselves in new settings or meeting new individuals.


Even if it's only the kind that echoes, every performer requires a microphone. This might be an opportunity for your youngster to teach others or serve as an announcer during a daily activity.

Doll, Baby

Because there is so much language, the entertainer excels at pretend play. They can use a doll to learn diverse scenarios like bath time, bottle feeding, and diaper changes, and connect each new circumstance with new language words.

Knowing your child's individuality might help you and them feel more empowered. And these toys designed specifically for their personality may be able to assist! Take this simple questionnaire to determine your child's personality.

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