Top Ways To Increase Battery Life On Android Phone

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In this modern era,the youth has made their Android phones a very important part of their lives. They spend the most of their time with their Android mobile phones.It can be considered that nowadays the phones know you more than your parents even. Today you have become fond of your Android mobile phones to such an extent because it acts as the immense source of information and entertainment for you.Over the few years, Android has gone through a lot of stages of its modification and advancement due to which it has become almost equivalent to your Computer Systems.

The main thing which is making your Android Phone move a step backward than your Computer system in terms of Features is its BATTERY LIFE.You might be continuously chasing those articles or websites which could give you appropriate and relevant information regarding increasing your battery life. No worries, Now i am going to give you the information which you have been wanting for quite a long span of time. You can increase the battery life of your Android Phone by doing some manipulations with the help of some software technologies. Also try great android game called clash of clans on your phone.

Here are few tips through which you can increase the battery life of your ANDROID MOBILE PHONES:-


The following steps can be followed to disable vibration which is produced by a little motor known as ERM(ECCENTRIC ROTATING MASS)VIBRATION MOTOR which is present in ever mobile phone:-

  • With the help of couple of touches of your fingertips on the screen you can disable the vibration of your phone whenever not required.
  • You can also take the help of CUSTOM KEYBOARD APPS to turn off vibrations which are produced during typing.


The following are the steps through which you can turn off the animations of your mobile phone which is one of the major factors which is responsible for draining your phone’s battery life:-

  • If you don’t find DEVELOPER SETTINGS directly in your app’s SETTING option then go to SETTINGS>ABOUT PHONE>BUILD NUMBER. Tap the BUILD NUMBER a few times.Then go back to SETTINGS again there you will find the DEVELOPER SETTINGS this time. Proceed with the further step after finding the DEVELOPER SETTINGS.
Disable The Wireless Services When Not In Use

Turn of the wireless services like GPS,Wifi,Bluetooth ,etc,, When they are not in use.When these kinds of wireless service keeps on the mobile keep working as searching for the wireless networks like WiFi, Bluetooth at regular time period. It keeps on draining the battery.

The operating like android have achieved some good battery life by giving option of easily entry and exit. But GPS does not let android to take the rest and sleep.

So always remember to switch the wireless services only when you need to use them.

While traveling from one place to another the phone keeps searching for the mobile networks as the station passes, Try to put your smartphone on airplane mode if you are not expecting any calls and you can enjoy your music for long time while traveling.

Clear recent apps and use fewer widgets.

Make sure you have exit the application after you have used that application,If you have not exit,the app will be continuously run in the background of smartphone. Always try to press back button for closing the application Do not use the Home Button for closing the app , After pressing the home button the app will be minimize and it will continuously work and will drain the battery.

Keep clearing your Task Manager and save your battery from draining.

Widgets which have display in the main screen of home ,they constantly work to show new content . This also let the battery to drain.

Google App Optimization Trick

Google Assistant, It is the great service by Google . But it’s some features drain the battery of Android smartphone. The feature of voice recognition continually listen to the command “Ok Google” detection of the voice and it drains the battery as it continually work for it. If you do not use this feature then you can simply disable it. Go to the Google assistant and then Settings-Voice-”OK Google” After doing this process the voice detection will be disable.

Congratulations, Now you know the top ways to increase the battery life on Android Phone.

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