Top Vintage Toilet Roll Holder Ideas for Your Bathroom

by Neelam Bhatia Content Writer

Are you looking for Vintage toilet roll holder? You know every little thing matters a lot and also has a big impact. So, you need to consider the value of a new antique monkey toilet roll holder. Generally, it's one of the last items that can be upgraded during bathroom renovations. In case you've already replaced the cabinet knobs and towel racks, it's best to select the bath tissue dispenser. Top ironmongery antique toilet roll holder manufacturers give a variety of options fashioned from materials. These materials are such as wood, metal, ceramic, and acrylic. Wall mounted toilet roll holders were created with the intention of keeping toilet paper within easy reach. In addition, their function does not end there but brings a touch of style to your bathroom.

These toilet roll holders are available in a range of materials, forms, and styles to suit any preference. In this blog post, you will learn the finer points of selecting the best toilet paper holder for your needs. Not only is crucial bathroom supplies toilet paper, but also to keep it accessible is always a good idea. In addition to this, these holders can also be used as a beautiful bathroom accent item. Generally, there are two types of toilet paper holders on the market. One is wall-mounted toilet paper holders and another one is free-standing toilet paper holders. Both are really helpful to provide some more bathroom floor space. Furthermore, toilet paper holders are also made to blend in with any bathroom decor plan and also be affordable.

Vintage Toilet Roll Holder Ideas for Your Bathroom:

1. Vintage Style Toilet Paper Holder

This toilet paper holder is vintage-inspired that transforms the decor of your bathroom. Moreover, it's made of metal and weighted base for stability. In addition, there is a vertical rod that supports the spring-loaded u-shaped dispenser. It is available in various finishes and materials. Also, it can go on top of the vanity or on the floor. The major benefit of this product is that paper is made of high quality so it will not wear near the shower. But it's ideal to use it in half-baths or near the toilet. 

2. Rounded Toilet Paper Holder in a Sleek Design

Rounded Toilet Paper Holder is an elegant toilet paper holder that gives the bathroom a rustic industrial feel. Basically it comes in matte black, chrome, stainless steel, and champagne bronze finishes and is made of high-quality metal. There is a cylindrical holder with a lip and a circular wall-mounted base. You select this sturdy and stylish alternative that complements the rest of the bathroom's decor and fittings. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the holder's lip is on the short side. Furthermore, it is easier to change the toilet paper, as we see that people may find it difficult to hold. You can fix this difficulty by placing the item vertically.

3. Wall-mounted toilet paper holder with style

It is one of the popular toilet paper holders that is distinguished in many aspects. These aspects are beautiful shapes and stylish features, including a tapered base and curved arm. Moreover, it comes in chrome and brushed nickel finishes that are made of zinc alloy and steel. It is suggested, bathrooms with a similar traditional style and metal finishes are ideal. If we talk about the attributes of this item it has a smaller footprint than standard toilet paper holders. So, this makes a wall mounted toilet roll holder ideal for small powder rooms and bathrooms with limited space.

4. Minimalist Toilet Paper Holder on the Wall

If you are looking for a sleek minimalistic wall-mounted paper toilet holder this one is the best choice. This toilet paper is made of zinc and has two cylindrical poles on each end. These poles are connected by a spherical toilet paper holder. You can get this product in matte black, brushed gold, chrome, and brushed nickel options. Furthermore, it has a unique pivot mechanism instead of a spring-loaded construction. Due to this construction, it is simple to operate. In appearance it is bulkier than typical toilet paper holders since it is longer. In addition, if you are also looking for something that appears to be durable, this is a good option. Its pivot design necessitates pushing the round point for release, which is simple for most individuals. But you should know that it may be difficult for those who suffer from hand and finger pain.

5. Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder with Storage in a Sleek Design

In case you are looking to save space, it is a one-of-a-kind toilet paper holder that saves space. This freestanding toilet paper holder is made of metal and also brushed nickel finish for a sophisticated look. So, this unit's base keeps it in place, and a padded bottom protects your flooring from scratches. Due to its tall height, you can easily acquire a sheet while using the toilet. Along with this, the stemmed arm of the toilet paper dispenser can hold up to four rolls of paper. This will help you to save up storage space in the bathroom for other items. There is also a considerable stopper in front of the toilet paper roll. Its curved corner design allows the toilet paper to roll down easily, especially while you are using it. If you want to prevent this, you can use a rubber or plastic stopper.

6. Swirl Toilet Paper Holder

After using this free-standing toilet paper holder you will get a contemporary feel in your bathroom. Its intriguing yet basic design adds a touch of refinement to contemporary decor. So to use bathroom accessories it is ideal to use. This toilet paper holder is rust-resistant, and simple to reach you can store up to three rolls of toilet paper. This will ensure that you never run out of toilet paper. In order to give your bathroom an understated elegance, you can pair it with a grey basket.

7. Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

This free-standing toilet paper holder is useful for both practical and functional use. They allow you to store up to four rolls of toilet paper and also fit nicely in tight areas. Moreover, it's strong, with a rubbed bronze finish. So it goes with a variety of bathroom decor and adds a touch of refinement to the space. To create a harmonious atmosphere, you can pair this toilet paper holder with a shower caddy and toilet brush.

8. Toilet Paper Holder with Double Roll Stainless Steel Wall Mount

It is a wall mount toilet paper holder with twin rolls. In addition, it is the ideal addition to give a trendy and simple contemporary bathroom. It has a minimalistic aesthetic and unique design that is perfect for storing. You can easily store your phone, wet wipes, and other personal items. The toilet paper holder's brushed steel body keeps it robust and adds an elegant touch to your room. For a fresh and classy look, you can also place a fashionable air freshener on the top shelf.

Final Thoughts

With this attractive ironmongery, wall hung toilet paper holder, you can take your bathroom's design to the next level. These wall mounted toilet roll holder adaptable and sleek toilet paper stands will complement your contemporary design.  Antique toilet roll holders are high-quality finished bodies complementing every colour scheme and decor. These attractive free-standing monkey toilet roll holders add a classic touch to modern and transitional bathrooms. 

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