Top tips to install and maintain Geysers

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Top tips to install and maintain Geysers

Geysers are widely used to heat water when bathing, cooking, or doing other domestic tasks. Given the importance of hot water in our life and the efficiency of geysers in making hot water available readily, the geysers are rated amongst the most important electrical appliances for homes. Do you know even the finest geysers require some maintenance like all other technological devices? This article will teach you some valuable suggestions for maintenance of water geysers.

Various Geyser Types

Based on how the water is heated, geysers can be divided into different types. You can separate them as Electric Geysers (Instant & Storage), Gas Geysers and Solar Geysers.

  • Instant Electric Geyser

Instant or instantaneous geysers are primarily utilized in residences, and do not hold water for an extended time. These tiny and compact geysers may provide warm water in a matter of minutes. They are used for various tasks, including bathing, dish washing, and laundry. Such geysers typically have a volume of 3 liters.

  • Storage Electric Geyser

As the name implies, these geysers need an electric connection to function. They can heat and store water at high temperatures and are also more power efficient than other forms of geysers.

Besides being significantly safer and easier to use,they have auto shut-off functions to help you save energy. These geysers come with different tank capacities and are most popular ones.

  • Gas Geysers

Gas Geysers require an LPG connection for their working. They use the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) to heat water. They are less efficient than electric geysers but do the job quickly, as they heat the water much faster than electric geysers. They were once very popular but are being replaced by electric geysers.

  • Solar Geyser

These Geysers heat water using sunlight. Solar panels of these geysers absorb sunlight and power these solar geysers. These appliances are difficult to install since they must be in a sunny spot.

Geyser Maintenance Tips

Let’s look at some simple water heater maintenance ideas. These measures will guarantee that your household appliance is handled safely.

  1. Turn on the geyser for a limited amount of time

Most people feel that leaving the geyser on for an extended period will save time in boiling water. Especially when everyone’s racing to work, long wait time in getting hot water might cause problems. However, modern geysers boil water in minutes. As a result, you may use it only 5 minutes before needing a hot water shower. Switching on the water heater before half an hour may damage heating components in contemporary water heaters. Therefore, using water geyser only during bath time not only saves the power but also extends the life of your water geyser.

  1. Low temperature = low electricity = large savings

You may reduce your energy use by switching geyser to a low-temperature setting. To heat water to a lower temperature, your water heater will use lesser energy. It implies you will conserve power and save money on your electric bill.

  1. A well-maintained anode rod is essential for geyser maintenance

Most geyser models have an anode rod. This anode rod prevents corrosion and rusting in the water heater. While it preserves the equipment, it corrodes after a few years. As a result, the condition of this rod must be checked frequently and the rod must be replaced every 3-4 years if necessary.

  1. Metal pipes outperform plastic pipes

The intake and outflow of most geysers are conventional plastic pipes. Conversely, plastic is less resistant to the heat emitted by running hot water. Metal is a superior choice for geyser intake and outflow pipe than plastic. Regular checks on rust or white deposits are a good method to keep your geyser running longer.

  1. Focus on safety

You must ensure that your house is correctly earthed and the electrical socket for the geyser is adequately earthed. The electrical connections should be concealed behind the walls. Power on/off switches should be located outside the bathroom. The power intake socket for the geyser should include secure MCB overload protection. The geyser should be high enough so that your head does not collide with the surface.

  1. Professional geyser maintenance regularly

Do your DIY inspections regularly? But for other water heater problems and other technical challenges, contact professional geyser maintenance and repair. These professionals will clean your geyser from the inside out and will replace the faulty parts.

  1. The area around the geyser

Remember to leave sufficient space between the water heater and the walls while installing it. If the expert does not have enough area to inspect the water heater components, they will be unable to service or repair it effectively.

  1. Electrical connections and switches

Ensure that the geyser is linked to a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), which turns off the power during a power outage. This reduces the possibility of a short circuit in the water heater. Keep the switch high enough to keep kids away but not so high that adults can’t reach it.

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