Top Tips and Tricks for Building and Marketing Mobile Games

by Juned Ahmed Tech Writer
When mobile game development was in its infancy, the prime focus remained solely only on launching a mobile game. The success of the app rested upon the users. Today the competition has become tougher. The more the number of apps, the more are the competitors in the app market.

Mobile game developers should produce apps of higher quality within the domain. Also, marketers ought to target quality apps with their USPs. There are many apps available in the app stores, which users ignore and nearly a quarter of mobile game apps are written off as unprofitable.

An app’s short-term popularity is not a good success indicator. Marketing professionals and developers each should plan marketing app strategies, based on the game for the longevity and success of the app. It’s a success if the mobile games manage to engage users, in the long run. So, a mobile game app is considered to be successful if it makes money and retains its top position for a longer lifetime.

Building a mobile game

In terms of building a successful mobile game app, marketers and developers follow several success patterns. Here are some tips for a successful mobile game development for mobile app development companies in the market.

1.    Design
  • Use eye-pleasing graphics that engage more game lovers
  • Understand the UI and UX designs of the high-ranking apps
  • Implement the same while creating your gaming apps
  • Highly focus on good UI and UX
  • Minimalism has become a good rule of thumb now

2.    Simplicity
  • It is essential that users understand the game and find it easy to play
  • Make sure the first-boarding steps are easy
  • The navigation of the game should be simpler for appealing to multiple gamers

3.    Continuity
  • Marketing professionals should focus on planning of pre launch and post launch of the games
  • List down the existing features and their improvements in later stage
  • Update users with new versions and functionalities
  • Include push-notifications in apps
  • Promote apps and get maximum outreach

4.    Feedback
  • Build a prototype and demonstrate it to a select band of actual mobile game players
  • Get valuable feedback from the right targeted audience
  • Involve Beta testers for various programs and services
  • Offer in-app purchases to the early registered customers for free for positive feedback
  • Make updates, add levels, update new features or remove functionalities based on feedback received

5.    Proper Marketing strategies
  • Involve marketing professionals in mobile game development phase
  • Focus on the post-launch marketing plans
  • Plan a strong strategy to launch your app successfully
  • List out the category, keywords, app ranking strategies

Top 14 Mobile Game Marketing Ploys
  1. Know your brand’s objective and vision
  2. Know your USP better than others
  3. Determine the key performance
  4. Focus on relevant app promotional strategies
  5. Engage audience through social media channels
  6. Create online or offline events to involve online gamers
  7. Introduce new features, levels, leaderboards, in-app purchases for user retention
  8. Set and measure KPIs for your game
  9. Perform constant tests to see status of gameplay
  10. Re-evaluate the KPIs accordingly
  11. Understand the ongoing market trends, plan the investments accordingly
  12. Search for new markets and trends in the local and global market
  13. Focus on the localization of mobile game to make distribution affordable
  14. Utilize the development and marketing skills combined

Reaping the Revenue with Mobile game development

In 2017, the global mobile application market has reached about $77 billion and continues its growth too. Although less than 0.1% of all apps are commercially successful, the market has reached new heights. As per a recent study, it is anticipated that by 2020, the revenue from mobile games would be approx. 190 million USD through the app stores partly through in-app advertising. Mobile app development companies can generate much more in the near future.

With advances in technology, the app stores are focusing more on high-quality and optimized apps for success and for generating more revenue. They are investing more into mobile app branding partnering with brands and plan to release their apps with them. This collaboration helps businesses to grow considerably in the app market.

This would, in turn, help both companies and the brands to attract their respective customers and generate more customer attention and revenue. For instance, Twitch gamers are making impressive incomes with their switch to play for pay.

Build your apps successfully keeping the above key points in mind. As a mobile game development company, you can grow your app business in the global and local market and get recognition aligning the apps with ongoing market trends. It is essential to retain app values in the app marketplace along with customers.

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