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Are you looking for the adventuring activities list so that your trip to Haiti would be worthwhile and remarkable? Then, this post is perfect for you to figure out the Top Things to do in Haiti and useful tricks to experience a thrilling tour ever.

Believe you won’t be fooled whether you follow this post once purchasing Spirit Vacation Packages for the trip to Haiti. This will let you brief on Haiti before you book the package and spot the destination.

Even though we know you’ll be completely satisfied with the county, still, you can go through this blog and get complete confirmation of how worthwhile it is for thrilling holidays.

Where To Go In Haiti for Seeking Adventuring Vibes?

Haiti is the place that makes you feel like you are in paradise, which comes straight from the flicks. It includes spectacular fascinations such as turquoise waves lapping at golden shores gently, peeking mountaintops through overgrown vegetation, and breathtaking sunsets creating the iconic landscape with a vivid hue.

If you want your trip something to be enthralling with the historic architecture and lovely beach magnificence, then none could be a better option than Haiti.

This destination lies on the second largest isle in the Caribbean, Hispaniola, which donates its distinctive setting to the Dominican Republic.

Follow our below guidelines to list all the stunning sites in the region.

Bassin Bleu

It is one of the distinctive Tourist Attractions in Haiti that you must bother to explore once reaching out to the destination.

On heading out of this attraction, you have a wonderful chance to dive and swim into the crystal clear water. This is how you can seek relishing hours with the Bassin Bleu. This place gives you the best opportunity to explore the waterfall, isolating the ridges of Jacmel. The gorgeous coast of Greenland is highlighted. The mysteriousness of the Bleu makes it feel like paradise.

Port Salut

It is another way to find enjoyable hours throughout your trip to Haiti. Being a great instance, Port Salut is the only place you can spend hours deprived of boring vibes. It is the most considerable spot for the Haitian people due to its peaceful aura and nearby plentiful finest eateries and stores.

You must see the scenic view of sunset at Port Salut Beach. You can experience a refined Haitian aura with the Port Salut. So, whether you spot Haiti, don't miss this place to explore.


It is another beach you may hear about while taking a tour to Haiti, which spells- 'Labadie.' You can understand it as one attraction, one name with different spellings. So don't get confused with the spelling of the location.

Being an attractive highlight of Haiti, Labadee has been pulling many living souls to the beachside that consistently offers numerous cruise options. You can explore this admiring attraction on the northern seaside of Haiti.

The Royal Caribbean sail company owns Haiti. Labadee is one of the prominent worldwide seashores providing the clearest waters and most soothing sands.

Rather than this, you can experience a well-served with an abundance of comforts, including traders, food vendors, and many more. If you are searching for a bit of another adventure and expecting enjoyment through the scenic beauty of Haiti's coastal areas from any specific area, you must try the native zip line.

il's-a-Rat Beach

If you have possessed the core of adventure and are looking for a bit more thrilling to brighten your trip to Haiti, then you must add Ils-a-Rat Beach to your itinerary chart. You can find this coastal area on an undersized isle coated with Greenland and outlined with satiny sands and mild waves, which will be a perfect fusion to find peace.

You can easily find a wide range of coral reefs in the regional seaports. So being a scuba diver or snorkeler, you should head out to this Haitian Attraction.

Still, even if it's not your intent to get into the water of Ils-a-Rat, you can trek with seashores and click perfect shots, including picturesque sights. Deprived of doubt, this wonderful beach has been the best tourist attraction in Haiti for a couple of years.

Gelee Beach

It is one of the lengthiest of Haiti's beaches that encompasses the most vigorous expansion of sand. This Beach offers the locals a sailing boat for fishing and the sweet smell of coconuts in the atmosphere. Plentiful seafood eateries get you a daily deal shortly, and during August, the location is packed with dance enthusiasts and singers for the Bash Notre Dame carnival.


Saut-Mathurine is the biggest waterfall in the region and an engaging fall in southwest Haiti. The water that comes into this fall belongs to The Rivière de Cavaillon, and its aqua waters influence all the people wandering around this place for swimming and paddling.

If you drive through the Saut-Mathurine, you can seek incredible eyeshots of the country and the abundant leafage all over the area.

Jacmel Beach

It is located Down to Haiti's southern seaside, the most-visited spot for the visitors and locals to stroll and chill out.

It's a passionate beach that has always been the main host of the abundance of awesome events and celebrations earlier than the terrible earthquake destruction in 2010. Fortunately, Jacmel Beach has remodeled itself in a couple of years and is making a recovery as one of the most vibrant places in the country.

After briefing the above list of attractions in Haiti, you might be willing to reach out to the destination as soon as possible. Then you can approach any air ticketing experts for Spirit Airlines Reservations so that you can only prepare your luggage for the trip.

Things to Do Explore in Haiti

For seeking a mesmerizing experience it's crucial to explore the activities. So, it's obvious you cannot imagine your weekends in Haiti without adventuring activities. Follow the list below to get ease in seeking the thrilling vibes throughout the Haiti tour.

  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Cuisine
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Snapping Picturesque photo
  • Sunbathing

What Do I Suppose to Carry For the Haiti Trip?

We urge you to follow the list to prepare your luggage so that you can prevent all messy moments while packing your bag for the trip.

  • Passport—First and most important guideline that you should consider while preparing a suitcase
  • Water Bottle—Another major items to carry for relieving your thirst
  • Hiking Boots & Sandals—After the second major item you should bother this for a stunning look of your feet.
  • Rain Coat
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses
  • Modest, Lightweight apparel
  • Mosquito Repellent

Where to Stay in Haiti?

Being a traveler to Haiti, it might be essential for you to list out the safe and secure places to stay through the weekends in Haiti. Then here’s the list that you must follow.

  • Karibe Hotel
  • Suites la Colline
  • NH Haiti El Rancho
  • Servotel
  • Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa
  • Cormier Plage Resort
  • Habitation Hatt Hotel
  • Kinam Hotel
  • Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel

Best Time to explore the Haiti-Beach-Packed Destination

Are you searching for the best time to explore Haiti so that you can enjoy the initial experience of Haiti? Then it would be best if you spotted this lovely place between November and March. During these months, Haiti becomes dry. And that's the only perfect time to cherish the Haitian aura.

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