Top Ten Ways to Generate Leads via Mobile Marketing

by Buana Sari Digital Marketer

Mobile technology is playing a dominant role in marketing, and that trend is all set to continue. Recent research reveals that consumers spend more than 50% of their time on their mobile devices in comparison to desktop. What works on the desktop usually falls flat with mobile. Therefore, it has become more crucial for marketers to cater for mobile experience to generate more leads, conversions and revenue.

Mobile phone technology is ever-changing. Marketers are constantly trying to adapt lead generation strategies to the changing martech landscape. To attract more leads, they are resorting to platforms like moLotus, InMobi, HubSpot, AdColony, etc. These mobile marketing platforms are empowering businesses to target the right customers, enhancing customer engagement and increasing their bottom line. Ultimately, brands that incorporate mobile campaigns into their lead generation strategy can reach more potential customers, gain more leads quickly and scale their businesses globally.

In its present context, lead generation is not just about getting the contact details of customers. Brands have to drive brand-prospect communication and convert them into loyal customers. They need to ensure the selection of the right mobile lead generation tool for the purpose. Below are the top ten ways to generate leads via mobile marketing.

1. Start Innovative Loyalty Programs

Innovatively designed loyalty and rewards programs work wonders in not only improving customer retention but they also incentivize new customers to happily give you their contact info in exchange for the rewards. These loyal customers who happily share their data are more likely to become brand advocates from being one-time customers. Incentives could take several forms like discounts, or special offers. A reward program could be the best lead magnet used by marketers across the globe to incentivize and encourage customers to provide their data in the form of leads.

Studies show that well-designed and managed loyalty campaigns run via mobile marketing platforms like moLotus, HubSpot, OptinMonster, etc. can be of great assistance. moLotus loyalty campaigns have improved customer experience with big brands. Building strong rapport, the loyalty campaigns have offered a reason for customers to stay connected with brands and offer their contact data from time to time. They have engaged a massive customer- base via automated customized greeting, rewarding, and converting them into fresh leads again and again.

2. Achieve More Reach

With mobile devices becoming the favorite gadget for customers it is becoming imperative for marketers to reach this huge customer base with tremendous lead generation and conversion potential. Mobile marketing platforms offering significant reach have been the best weapons in the arsenal of these marketers seeking more leads.

If latest surveys are to be believed, a new-age moLotus breakthrough technology, has the most extensive reach and scalability. Brands are capable of capturing instant leads via message delivery directly into the inbox on all mobile handsets, no matter what the phone type or model is! Most importantly, it is spam-free with no app or data required in the process.  Other tools like InMobi, AdColony are also trying to compete with moLotus in terms of offering leads by extending reach.

3. Drive Customer Interaction to Next Level

It has been observed by marketing experts that superior customer interaction favorably impacts lead generation. Earlier, traditional marketing took to bombarding customers with messages pushing them to share their contact information. Now lead generation has improved 360 degrees with the advent of new tools offering multiple customer interaction options acting as points of easy brand-customer conversation. These enable brands to ask prospective customers for information acting as leads. Customers interested in the brand, in turn, can easily and quickly share their info through these interaction points.

Therefore, experts these days recommend ‘pulling’ customers via tools like moLotus, providing easy customer interaction options like SMS, USSD, Web URL, Call, etc. rather than ‘pushing' out via spam messages. Some brands are providing information about their products or services through tools like TwtPoll, Zembula, etc. for interacting with customers, gaining their trust and capturing their information as leads.

4. Harness the Power of Video & Other Rich Media

Rich media, especially mobile videos are gaining popularity becoming the chief source of leads for brands. Videos have made up 78% of all mobile traffic by 2019, and 50% of those views occur on mobile devices (source: Leveraging video via mobile attracts prospective customers, nurtures leads and moves through the sales funnel, and eventually converts the leads.

In the present era of mobile video marketing, businesses should embrace advertising platforms like moLotus, incorporating storytelling for engaging more customers and capturing more leads. Several brands have been relying on Facebook and Instagram carousel ad feature which is an excellent visual tool for conveying brand stories and generating leads. A platform like moLotus has proved to be a better option for brands looking forward to further enhancing story-telling. It offers multiple rich media formats including video, greeting, brochure, slideshow and showcase. Thus, brand marketers are capable of adding product pictures, voice-over and music, creating ads in the form of attractive storyboards and video messages. The best part is via moLotus they can create high impact mobile videos up to 40 sec. having a tremendous potential to capture leads.

5. Develop Personalized Campaigns

A recent survey by Salesforce highlighted that 57% of 7,000 consumers surveyed would prefer to convey their information in exchange for individualized product recommendations, customized offers, or personalized shopping experiences. Therefore, marketers should focus on developing personalized marketing campaigns for lead generation.

Today most customers expect personalized offers. In mobile advertising, personalized lead magnets act as the key differentiator for brands. More and more advertisers are embracing tools like moLotus, Optinmonster, HubSpot, etc. for creating personalized lead magnets ensuring highly effective lead generation and conversion. The new-age moLotus marketing platform offers hyper-personalization options such as name, unique customer Id, customized greeting, offer, etc. The hyper-personalized offers and ads can engage the customer-base better and capture quality leads. moLotus platform personalizes the content using massive customer data & intelligence. The individualized content goes directly to the mobile inbox of consumers and remains there until deleted by the customer himself. No app, no data plan involved in the process!

6. Focus on Customization

Mobile Marketing works especially well at lead-generation if campaigns are customized. Marketers should optimize campaigns according to location, language, online behaviors, attitudes, interests, perceptions and other criteria in order to get more leads. For big brands customized mobile marketing has proven to be extremely effective.

Data from Salesforce surveys reveal that high performing businesses are using data-targeting and segmentation via mobile in capturing leads, 51% more than underperforming businesses. Several mobile marketing tools are assisting brands in customizing mobile campaigns. Some of the tools include HubSpot, moLotus, AdColony, Facebook, etc. It is worth mentioning that moLotus campaigns can be targeted according to languages, demography, and more by leveraging customer data at micro-levels, maximizing lead generation for big brands. It is fast replacing other tools.

7. Embrace Marketing Automation

Time has been one of the biggest bottlenecks to lead generation and revenue growth. Not anymore! Mobile marketing automation is the best way for brands to automate lead generation and get maximum leads in a short span of time. Mobile marketing tools like moLotus, Marketo, Hubspot, etc. offer unique automation capabilities that make the lead generation process much faster, smoother and convenient.

Mobile automation technology is continuously evolving. moLotus has the power to automate and digitally transform customer processes driving more engagement with better lead generation. Businesses from all industry verticals should innovate their customer processes with speed, agility and cost savings. Marquee brands have already embraced moLotus automation for new customer onboarding, automating and reimagining recurring services, mobile document submission, Big Data management, mobile loyalty cards and more. They are thus getting more leads accompanied by higher conversions at lower cost.

8. Take Advantage of Upselling & Cross-selling

Upselling and cross-selling campaigns targeted specifically at mobile users can generate more leads than generic forms of campaigns. Upsell campaigns encourage customers to buy a comparatively higher-end product than the ones bought earlier by them, while cross-sell campaigns entice customers to buy complementary products. Both of these strategies should be used by marketers more often to increase customer demand, leads and sales.

Several mobile marketing tools like moLotus, Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, etc. come in handy for running both upselling and cross-selling campaigns. However, the right choice of tool is essential for ensuring better results. Big brands are quickly embracing the breakthrough moLotus platform via which they can seamlessly create unique upselling and cross-selling mobile campaigns. The campaigns are targeting customer databases to capture quality leads and boosting average revenue per customer.

9. Emphasize on Customer Education

Studies have shown that educating customers via mobile entices them to share their contact info boosting lead generation and customer acquisition. Businesses should therefore lay more emphasis on customer education using mobile media. Popularity of mobile videos among customers have induced big brands in using a mobile video customer interaction platform like moLotus to educate and entice consumers. Using moLotus storytelling capabilities, brands have educated customers about new products and services. They have also discovered the potential of moLotus in delivering training-related content getting delivered directly into customer’s mobile inbox.  As a result, there has been phenomenal growth in lead generation.

10. Prioritize Campaign Tracking

Performance evaluation is important for the success of any lead generation campaign. Mobile marketing tools empower marketers to directly track the performance of lead generation campaigns. They can easily tweak lead generation strategy in real-time with changing consumer habits and preferences. Also fine-tuning of the campaigns for better results and more leads is possible. In fact, conversion tracking is one of the most powerful metrics that determine the success of lead generation campaigns.

Marketing tools like moLotus provide robust real-time campaign tracking and data analytics enabling marketers to keep an eye on the performance of campaigns. They are capable of enhancing marketing campaign performance, campaign optimization, and, thus, getting more leads.


Mobile marketing predominates the lead generation process. Mobile marketing platforms like moLotus, HubSpot, Facebook, etc. are having tremendous lead capturing and conversion potential. They are assisting brands in creating innovative campaigns and enabling them to capture and nurture quality leads. As a marketer, you need to communicate better with your customers via mobile, creating rich experiences, and showing much-needed empathy - they will respond to your kind gesture favorably in the form of more leads!

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