Top Stretches That Help Reduce Sciatica Pain

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The pain that sciatica might be causing could very well result in the stoppage of daily works. Here are a few stretches that will help reduce the pain considerably.


One of the many issues that sciatica might end up causing is that it might end up leading to a ruptured disk and even injury in the long run. This is where the need for a pain management center comes into play. From severe neck pain treatment to various pain management solutions Delhi has to offer, sciatica pain is one. The good thing is there are a few stretches in particular that can help reduce the pain considerably and help one feel at ease. Have a look at them. 


The forward pigeon pose

1.    Start by kneeling on the floor with your palms and knees on the floor

2.    Proceed by pick up your right leg and moving it forward. Ensure that the leg is moving on the ground right in front of your body.

3.    During this time, your lower leg needs to be on the ground placed horizontally to your body.

4.    Continue by stretching out your left leg all the way behind you on the floor itself.

5.    Ensure that the top of the foot is on the ground when you are doing this and that your toes are pointed.

6.    Gently, slowly and smoothly shift your body weight from your arms to your legs in order to support your weight on your legs.

7.    Now sit up straight and make sure that your hands are placed on either side of your legs.

8.    Exhaling as you lean your upper body over the front leg try to support your weight with your arms when you do this.

9.    Now come back to the original position and repeat the same on the other side.


Sitting hamstring stretch

This stretch is extremely helpful in easing pain and tightness caused by the sciatica particularly in the hamstrings.


1.    Start by placing your right foot below your hip level or at a little elevated level. You could use a chair, ottoman or the likes for elevation.

2.    Ensure that you are flexing your foot in order to make sure that your toes and leg are in a straight line.

3.    Continue by bending your body forward towards your foot. Try to go as further as you can as it will only end up making the stretch even more prominent.

4.    Instead of lifting the hip of your raised leg try to release it in a downward way. An exercise band might provide support in this matter if needed.

5.    At the very least hold this position for 30 seconds return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.


Pigeon Pose (Reclined)

The main basis of the above describe forward pigeon pose, it happens to be one of the most common yoga poses. The main purpose of the pose is to open the hips. The great thing about this basic pose is that one can do variations of it with multiple benefits. As a beginner the best one to start with is the reclining pose.


1.    Start by lying on your back and slowly bring your right leg up to form a right angle.

2.    To support the leg, lock the fingers of both hands behind the thigh of the raised leg.

3.    Continue by lifting your left leg in such a manner that you are able to place the right ankle on your left knee.

4.    Remember to hold this position for some time. This will essentially help stretch out the tiny muscles that might end up pressing on the sciatica nerve causing pain.

5.    Come back to the starting position and repeat the same with the other leg as well.

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