Top Sofa Cleaning Tips To Maintain Your Upholstery

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Sofas are one of the most common focal points and a necessary part of every drawing room.  It is a type of furniture which can be found in almost every home. While there is a huge variety available in terms of designs and styles, choosing one depends upon your personal preference and the size of your room. Moreover, the variety exists in the type of fabric as well. Looking at the price consideration, it is an investment you wouldn’t make quite often. Hence, even a small stain can be a source of worry. Moreover, it will impact the look of your sofa in a negative manner. Dirty sofas are also a source of embarrassment in front of guests and relatives.

Since it is an item we use almost daily and enjoy being on for some relaxation, staining is common. Be it drinks or food spillage, ink or vomit stains, odor or pet furs, sofas can get quite messy and dirty. This can, in turn, become a source of allergies and infections. Hence, keeping your sofas clean is essential to keep them fresh and new-like for a long time. Read on to know our top sofa cleaning tips to maintain your upholstery.

Cleaning an upholstered sofa-

  • Vacuuming is one of the great ways to start with. Make sure to use the right attachment, however. A soft brush attachment is usually the best for removing any loose dust or dirt from your upholstery.

  • Cleaning the stains must be your next priority after removing visible dirt. You can use a commercial stain remover or prepare your own cleaning solution for the same.

  •  A solution of warm soapy water is usually enough to gently clean your upholstered sofa. Apply a decent amount of it on your upholstery and use a soft cloth to gently rub it into the fabric.

  • Although you can use a hairdryer for drying the same, there’s no harm in air drying too. Just make sure that there’s no moisture on your upholstery. Any moisture can lead to bacteria and germs build-up.

Cleaning leather upholstery-

  • Using too much water on your leather upholstery can be quite dangerous. This can lead to discoloration or even further to the material.

  • Benefits of Couch Steam cleaning are the best method to clean your leather upholstery. While choosing the cleaners, it is best to opt for wax or oil based ones. This will provide enough moisturization and hence prevent dryness and cracks.

  • Alternatively, you can also use cleaning sprays and pat dry using a clean cloth.

Cleaning tips for all types of upholstery-

  • One thing you must never miss doing is to do a patch test. Always apply a small amount of chemical you are intending to use on an area which is not visible. This will help you determine whether the solution is safe for your type of upholstery or not.

  • Alternatively, you can even make use of the basic laundry detergent to clean your upholstery. Work out the solution with some warm water and scrub gently on the area with the spot. Using a clean cloth remove the excess.

  • Another easily available ingredient is the white vinegar. You can use it to remove all types of stains which are on the surface of your upholstery. Put the solution in a spray bottle and apply to the affected area. Although it will remove the stain, odor or smell will still remain. Hence you need to clean it once more using warm soapy water. Let them air dry and open the windows if any once the procedure is complete and there are no more stains or odor in your upholstery.

  • Also, make sure to clean the stains as soon as possible. If you let the stain stay for a long time, the chances are it will penetrate deep into your carpet. Hence, this will result in significant damage and will be quite difficult to remove.

  • We recommend ensuring a weekly cleaning without a miss. Vacuuming frequently is also something which you must never refrain from.

Best upholstery cleaning service in Adelaide-

While you can maintain your upholstery by following these tips to a certain extent, for best results, you must avail professional upholstery cleaning Adelaide help. Professionals not only have the knowledge but also possess skills and experience to give your upholstery a new-like look. They also have all the tools and know how to use them effectively. Moreover, you can trust the professionals since they are experts in their field.

Looking for a reliable source? Squeaky Clean Sofa is the leading upholstery cleaning company in Adelaide. They are expert at cleaning all types of upholsteries and have a certified staff. Moreover, apart from cleaning they also make sure to sanitize it in order to remove all the contaminants.

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