Top Rules for Fine Dining in 5-star Hotels in Pune

by Prachi J. The Pride Group of Hotels

Pune is one of the most developed Indian cities. The cosmopolitan culture in the city allows people to follow a modern lifestyle. Hence, citizens work hard during their weekdays and prefer to indulge in a party or a fine dining experience during the weekends. Pune has a number of 3-star and 5-star hotels and restaurants where you can have an amazing experience of eating or staying in the best rooms of Pune. Dining in the 5-star hotels in Pune comes with a few instructions that you must abide by in order to make the most of your one of a kind experience.

Here are the top rules for fine dining in 5-star hotels in Pune:

  • The attire

Dressing surely remains a hallmark of any restaurant which is upscale in nature. Thus, men are expected to wear a formal jacket and a tie while women are also expected to dress up for the occasion. The 5-star hotels in Pune extend fine dining experience. Thus, one’s clothing should be fine as well.

  • The table

There are a few things that you must know about the table. The first thing to remember is to always keep your elbows off the table. Plunking one’s purse, keys or even cell phone is considered to be a rude gesture on the table. Thus, the purses should always be placed under the table, on the floor, and the phones should always be turned off. You must not stick to the idea of checking your messages and emails again and again. This gesture is considered to be the height of boorishness while dining in the 5-star hotels in Pune.

  • The napkin 

    If you are sitting down at the table, your napkin should be unfolded and placed on the lap. Upon getting up from the table in the middle of the meal, start excusing yourself and place the napkin on to the plate, not on the chair. Napkins so served aren’t for wiping the mouth, however, for gently dabbing it. Once you have finished the meal and are set to go to the hotel rooms in Pune during your stay, place the napkin next to the plate.
  • The menu 

    If you are not sure what dish to order, you can always ask the waiter for quick recommendations. One thing that you must never do is to ask your chef to alter the dish as this is considered to be a sheer insult.
  • The glasses

    A restaurant that serves hate cuisine might have a staggering amount of glassware placed on the table and each of these glasses comes with a unique purpose to serve. Thus, if you are not sure about which glass to use, pay attention as the busboy/busgirl would pour water into the glass while the waiter would pour wine into the wine glass.
  • The wine

You must never discuss the price of the wine on the table while having dinner at the 5-star hotels in Pune. While placing an order, simply point out at wine in the category of the price point and welcome the waiter for recommendations. He/she would understand and stick to wines within the price range that you have pointed towards him. Upon the arrival of the wine, you must not rush to sniff the wine but carefully smell it as you begin to enjoy its little taste.

  • The cutlery

Fancier restaurants and 5-star hotels in Pune always have attractive cutlery. If you are confused about which fork to use, the thumb rule here is to start at the outside and work inward. The salad fork is placed on the outer left and the entrée fork is on the right. The knife and fork shall be held while eating and cutting of the food should be done as you begin to eat. You must not cut all your food in the first place to eat. Once finished, place the fork and knife on to the plate such that they cross each other. You must never leave a spoon inside of the bowl of soup.

  • Courses

Do not start a salad for the main course. Begin with the idea of ordering an appetizer and end the meal with a dessert. The thumb rule is that whenever it comes to courses, order the same number as that of your dining companion. This is because you cannot let another person sit while you are relishing upon your favourite meal.

  • Eating

Whenever it comes to eating in the best 5-star hotels in Pune, you must follow certain rules. Do not slurp the soup and do not blow the hot food in order to cool it down. The fork is always meant to spear the food and not scoop the same.

  • The bill

If it is you who have hosted the dinner, the most sophisticated way is to arrange for the payment ahead of the time. If your dining companion wonders about the bill or insists on contributing the same, it makes it easier to say that you have already taken care of the same.

Follow these dining etiquettes and enjoy your fine dine experience.

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