Top Reasons to invest in Stainless steel water bottle

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In India, millions of single-use water bottles are ending as waste each year. A portion of those go to the landfill, just 36% of bottles get reused, and the rest are possibly drifting around in the ocean.

Did you realize that plastic bottles are among the 10 most normal trash things gotten during sea shore or sea cleanups? Other things on the list incorporate cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic drink bottle caps, plastic bags and straws.

Stainless steel water bottles are durable and available in different styles, colors. If you are stressed that the metal will affect the flavor of the water then you can choose a style that has a coating inside so that there is no metal taste. Pexpo are the manufacturer of steel bottles. They design their steel water bottle in view of various purposes, for example, Vacuum Flask Inc. was intended to be a travel water bottle, which is the reason the various models are worked with incorporated handles on the lids.

Let’s discuss the top most reasons why it’s worth enough to invest in stainless steel water bottle than opting for plastic water bottle.

Durable Construction

Probably the greatest advantage of investing into a container which has tough stainless steel development is that they are essentially indestructible. Regardless of whether you are the kind of individual who takes their water bottle while travelling, drops them onto the street from their vehicle, or throws them into their boat a durable development implies you won’t have to replace it. The structure of the bottle will keep your beverages securely inside.


Convenient to carry

While probably the most famous and capable bottles available in the market look streak and polished, they are generally unrealistic. Pexpo stainless steel bottles have a steel loop at the top of the bottle, which means you can easily loop your fingers through it or attached it to you backpack for your next travel.

Ideal Size

In India, the temperatures ascending close to 50 degrees, a small bottle is scarcely a sprinkle of hydration. Different alternatives that are frequently seen are the fundamentally bigger 2l containers which are exceptionally unfeasible. The steel water bottles here at Pexpo are available in different sizes. These water bottles are available in various sizes to take to work, school, or on walks. You can keep track of your daily intake of water also. Assuming you refill this water bottle multiple times, you will hit your daily recommended intake of water.

Cup Holder Friendly

One of the great benefit of steel water bottle is their unique and attractive shape which can easily be placed into cup holder. Regardless of whether you go out to see the films, need to drive your vehicle, place your water bottle into your setting up camp seat, a standard size water bottle improves things significantly. Pexpo Bottle isn’t excessively wide, and can fit easily into most vehicle cup holders while as yet containing an adequate amount of water.

They look fabulous

Truly, we would lie if we wouldn’t specify that perhaps the greatest draw of any new buy is how it makes you feel and what it resembles. With the sleek design, the steel water bottle will be the ideal accomplice to any place you go. Pexpo bottles are the best steel water bottle with great design and style and are available in different colors. So you can buy them according to your choice.

The most important reason is to save our Ocean and our World

The most important reason is that each time you decide to drink out of your stainless steel water bottle that is one less plastic bottle finishing off with the landfill or the sea. So get yourself a stainless steel water bottle, and help to keep plastic out of our seas, and take decision in favor of a without plastic future!

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