Top qualities of a good whiskey

by Ankita Goel Alcohol Manufacturers in India

Everyone wants to know about whiskey, what really makes it taste the way it does. There are several traits that can help you evaluate the quality of a whiskey. In order to distinguish the finest drinks, you need to use your senses, including sight, smell and taste, as the quality of a good whiskey depend on these factors.

Every whiskey has distinct characteristics, which are based on how and where the whiskey has been crafted. The taste, smell and sight of whiskey, greatly influence its quality. This article is a right guide for you to find the top quality whiskey. This guide will surely make you understand, what to look for while finding the Top whisky in India.

  • Colour of whiskey

The colour of whiskey ranges from clear to deep amber gold. The darker the colour, the older the whiskey. The darkness of the whiskey depends upon the length of time in which the whiskey is aged in oak barrels. There are many whiskey manufacturers, who add caramel coloring to the whiskey to make it look older. So, always prefer the whiskey manufactured by the top alcohol manufacturers in India.

  • Clarity of whiskey

A good quality whiskey always filtered to remove the cloudiness and particles. By adding water you can check the clarity of the whiskey. If in case the whiskey becomes cloudy, it is unfiltered. Never ever trust the label printing on the whiskey. Always check its clarity and get about the quality of the whiskey.

  • Viscosity of whiskey

While checking the quality of whiskey, always check its thickness. The older and good quality whiskey will tend to have a higher viscosity. To test the thickness, swirl the whiskey in your glass and check the tear drop streaks running down inside the glass. If you see longer streaks, then it is the indication of older whiskey containing higher alcohol content.

  • Taste of whiskey

You can evaluate the quality of whiskey by taking a small sip of it and holding it in your mouth for a while before swallowing. Through this you can identify the aroma and flavor of the whiskey. Add some water to the whiskey because water may mask the alcohol content of the whiskey. If you get a smooth, rich taste, then you have a good quality whiskey, which you can enjoy in your party.

These are the essential qualities or ways to check the quality of the whiskey. Most of the life’s great pleasures are gained through tastes of a good quality whiskey. There is a wide range of whiskey brands to choose from, but always go with a good brand, which is reputed to manufacture good quality whiskey.

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