Top occupations in demand in Canada in 2022

by Sneha Chawla Canada Immigration Services

Because of its elderly population and sluggish population growth, Canada has a serious skills gap. To bridge these skills gaps, the federal and provincial governments rely heavily on immigration programs – and have opened up numerous occupation in demand in Canada. 

Based on their labor market needs, most Canadian provinces and territories have a list of occupation in demand in Canada. If your talents match those sought by a particular province, you may have a better chance of getting chosen through Provincial Nominee Programs, obtaining a job in Canada before you come, or finding one soon after you arrive. 

While the economic and industrial outlooks of each province differ, there is considerable overlap amongst industries that are in desperate need of skilled professionals. Here is the current list of occupation in demand in Canada:

  1. Health-Care and Social-Service 

The healthcare industry is in desperate need of competent workers. To fill the skill deficits, most provinces are looking for skilled physicians, registered nurses, and health care assistants. Teachers and academics at all levels, as well as social professionals, have job prospects. 

  1. Manufacturing

There are job openings in practically every industry in Canada's manufacturing sector, including Agri-processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, plastics, meat-packing, and wood processing. The industrial sector alone has approximately 65,000 available vacancies across Canada in the second quarter of 2021.

  1. Information Technology (IT)

Canada's IT business is flourishing, with demand for software engineering, web design, development, artificial intelligence, and other positions. 

  1. Service 

The services sector is the most important contribution to the economy in most provinces. Management positions in finance, HR, and marketing, as well as other roles in administration, sales, retail, hospitality, accountancy, and more, are all available in the sector. 

  1. Construction

Canada's construction business is expanding in practically all provinces. The construction sector requires personnel at all levels, from project managers to experienced craftsmen like carpenters, masons, and electricians.

It's vital to remember that labor market needs fluctuate over time, and the most occupation in demand in Canada in any province or territory will shift. Looking through recent Provincial Nominee Program draws will help you figure out what skills gaps the region is aiming to fill. 

You can also utilize the Canadian Online Employment Posting dashboard to look up current job market data by location, occupation, and work requirements. The Job Bank portal of the Government of Canada also offers trend assessments of average income, eligibility criteria, and job requirements for your occupation in a specific city or province.

Choosing a Canadian province to settle in

Choosing a province to live in while you plan and apply for Canada PR from India - is a big decision. While the employment market is crucial to consider, you should also look at the local culture, key cities in each province, spoken languages, and weather patterns. 

Depending on their population, size, and location, the cost of living and quality of life in Canada can vary dramatically. You can evaluate your monthly expenses and budget in several Canadian cities with a cost-of-living calculator.

If you have or plan to start a family in Canada, you should look into the school system and educational possibilities available in the province or city where you intend to live. The population of the province or city is also important. For example, living in a province where newcomers from your home country are frequent may allow you to stay closer to your roots by making it easier to find cultural delicacies, groceries, and shopping opportunities. 

A growing percentage of newcomers prefer to settle in mid-sized cities, where job competition is less intense than in major areas such as Toronto and Vancouver. Whether you want to live in one of Canada's larger cities or prefer the peace and quiet of a small village, there are numerous options available.

For many newcomers, the process of finding work in Canada begins long before they arrive. In order to close the country's skills gap, Canada has numerous immigration programs that target immigrants in a specific occupation in demand in Canada. These resources will help you figure out where your work experience will be most useful, so you can plan your move and start laying the groundwork for your future career in Canada. Read more about Canada: List of occupations in demand in Canada

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