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Are you tired of that basic LED display screens and you’re looking for a better and more advanced digital advertising option for your business? Of course, LED display screens are one of the most effective and reliable ways to target a larger audience and pull them towards your brand/product. But did you know that you have multiple display screen options too when it comes to LED screens? Don’t get it? Well, we’re talking about the poster displays that serve as a more advanced LED advertising screen rental option for any business/corporation. 

Now if you are someone who isn’t well aware of how does this advanced LED display option, i.e. poster display screen, and how it serves you; then let’s go ahead and discover everything below in detail. From the advantages to the pricing factors and the basic concept of LED poster displays, we’ve discussed everything below in detail for you. So without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?

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What is a LED Poster Display?

Don’t know what an LED poster display is and how it is different from a common rental LED display? Well for anyone unfamiliar, this screen serves in making your business advertisements a lot more attractive and eye-catching. These screens come in a thin and light design, having ultra-thin profiles that make it easier for anyone to place these poster screens anywhere around their business location/store. 

Moreover, what adds to the advancement and uniqueness of such an outdoor rental LED display is the fact that anyone can easily operate them through a network or USB. This also means that changing content on these poster displays and updating the content is easier than ever. 

Now if you’ve ever visited shopping malls or large buildings and found poster type screens hanged on the ceiling, standing on the floor, or mounted on the wall; then you’ll know exactly how these screens look, i.e. they give an exact poster type look no matter where and how you install them. 

Applications of Poster LED Screen

Even though you’ve had an idea of what you get when you opt for poster display LED screen hire, it’s also important to understand where you can use them. Of course, you might have plenty of plans in your mind, according to how much recognition and promotion you want your business to gain. But since every LED display screen has different application options, it’s better to understand the right locations and choose suitable ones that may fit the crowd requirement that your business needs at the time. 

Here, if we talk about the LED poster display, these screens are found installed in different public locations. This may include application inside:

  • Stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Halls
  • Bus stations
  • Hotel
  • Airports
  • Retail shops
  • Train stations
  • Restaurants
  • News launch offices, etc.

The Advantage and Difference Between LED Poster Display and Common LED Display

So you know what a poster display screen looks like and where you can install them. But what about the benefits and differences? Of course, there needs to be a lot more than just the concept of an advancer option when you’re choosing a poster display instead of a common LED screen, right? Besides, plenty of businesses also opt for common LED display screens as a reliable and effective digital business promoting option. So why would you want to choose a poster display instead? Do you have any idea? Well, if not, then let’s go ahead and discover the difference between these screens and how benefitting is a poster display in comparison to a common one.


Firstly, let’s discuss some of the common differences between the LED poster display and a common LED screen. 

· The Design:

An LED poster screen comes as a lightweight display option that requires front maintenance. Moreover, these screens look a lot more fashionable; making them easy to carry and install anywhere. Along with this, the user-friendly making of these display screens allows anyone to install them in a variety of ways and needs. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the common LED screens, these are a light-weight and user-friendly advertising option. However, the look of these screens may seem advanced due to the attractive frames they have; but it isn’t equally fashionable and eye-catching as the poster screens. 

· The Working and Setup:

Since a poster LED rental display is a more advanced screen, it can be easily operated through an advertising plug and play option. Other than that, these smart screens can also be managed through a smart mobile app. This app allows you to monitor and manage the content you play on this screen; all with the touch of a remote. 

Now if we talk about the common display screens, the advertisement management on them are more straightforward and simple. This is performed through the LED display control software present on these screens, which helps to easily manage the screen advertisement. This software can be connected with any device to operate and set the content on a common LED display. 

· Attracting customers:

Even though LED screens are well known for amazing customers easily and grabbing their attention, LED poster displays go one step ahead. This simply refers to how the obvious colors and screen sharpness of a poster LED screen rental ensures that you can always rely on it for grabbing the viewer’s attention. Moreover, the detailed still content on these screens can help the viewer easily deal with close-up ink and understand the attractive content’s message. 

However, as we mentioned in the start, common LED screens are only an effective and attention-grabbing advertising solution for outdoor needs. This means that these screens are more reliable to display graphical content that can attract a broader audience. 

· Advanced Working Feature: 

Lastly, but most importantly, the advanced setting and content portraying options available on a poster outdoor rental LED display is a lot more than what a common display offers. This may include the fast and slow video settings, control management system, a second’s display of various static images, information dissemination, and much more. With all this coming your way through a poster LED rental display, you can be sure to appeal to your audience better. 

However, if we talk about a common advertising outdoor rental LED display, you can also attract smart viewers through these screens. Since these come with real-time updates and advertising edits, wireless technology, and an advanced software portal to set content easily; you can also gain a smart setup experience here. Yet, the advancement of these screens refers more to the smart setup ease of the investor instead of the viewer.

The Advantages:

  • Easy customizing: a LED poster screen comes with the advanced option of easy customization according to the user’s preferences. Hence, you can customize the appearance colors, personalize the propaganda, transfer the advertised forms and files, and display them easily on the poster screen in a smart way. 
  • Easy Moving: the best part about these poster displays is that they can be easily moved in any location. Moreover, you can also adjust and set the working time of these screens, making sure when it needs pause and when it should run – without keeping your eyes on it.
  • Multiple Media Option: you are not limited to media displaying options on these advanced screens. This is possible due to the multiple combination options of graphics, videos, and other vivid creativity options; all available in the setup options of a poster screen.
  • Easy operation: undoubtedly, this is something everyone can evaluate up until now. So you just need to press a single button and easily operate your poster display without any technical issues. 
  • LED Poster Screen Vs. Common Advertising LED Screens?

Price Factors of LED Poster Display

The pricing of a common LED screen or an advanced poster LED screen hire option; depends upon some factors that make the screen advanced or decent in its working. Now it’s obvious that a more advanced screen may cost more than a casual/decent screen, right? But some factors that highly determine the pricing of a poster display screen include:

Poster LED Screen FAQS:

  • How is LED digital poster displays better than video projectors?

Even though video projectors are a cheaper option, but a poster display screen allows you to display the same high-quality images at the same brightness. Moreover, the content on these displays can be adapted to any context. 

  • Is it easy to carry poster LED screens?

Since a poster display screen is the most advanced LED screen option, these come as the thinnest and lightest display screen. For a clearer idea, a poster display screen has a thickness of 40mm and a width of 35kg max. 

  • Is it easier to operate a poster screen in comparison to a common digital screen?

Yes, since a posted LED screen is a more advanced option, it only takes 3 minutes to easily operate this display. Hence, you can easily avail an amazing user-experience, without going through any technical complications. 


Now that we’ve discussed everything about a poster rental LED display, what’s left to think about and wait for? It’s time you level up your business advertising game and get a poster display screen yourself!

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