Top Healthy Meal Ideas For Weight Loss And Weight Management

by Aamir Subh writer
If you have been looking forward to some great, healthy and tasty meal options to keep your weight in check, to lose weight and to monitor or closely manage your current weight; that you don't have to look any further. Below is the list of meal options that will not only help you lose or maintain your weight, but it will also help you retain your energy levels while you are on a diet. Everybody is allowed to have the cheat days now and then. And to make the cheat days even more pocket-friendly you can go for the box8 coupons without giving any second thought.

1 – Fibre works magic: All of us know that a fibre rich diet plan ensures proper working of the digestive system and also keeps the fat at bay. But all the fibre sources are not so yummy, which is one of the main reasons that people refrain from having a fibre rich diet. Well, let's get creative and try to make the fibre rich diet tasty. You can opt for and oats and sooji cheela, barley dalia (sweet or savoury), green gram cheela and barley rotis. However, you should cook all of them in a non-stick Pan with zero oil. It will ensure that calories don't sneak-up into your diet and you can enjoy the flavourful meal as well. To add some natural flavours, you can opt for black pepper and coriander in powdered as well as leafy form.

2 – Smoothies: Smoothies are some of the best healthy diet options. You can make endless kinds of smoothies with almost any type of ingredients. Mixing different kinds of fruits with green leafy vegetables and topping the whole thing with some Chia seeds will call for an ultimate mix of protein as well as taste. Refrain from adding sugar and salt in their various forms such as syrup, sauce, condensed milk and concentrates. You can add the natural sugars such as Bananas and Apples if you want to add some flavour. Go for a healthy green smoothie at least once in a day to ensure that your vitamins and minerals intake is not affected at all.

3 – Paneer for Protein: If you are following a strict diet regime, then it is essential for you to manage your protein intake to ensure that your body is not at a nutrient loss. One of the easiest and the best source of proteins other than the pulses and grams is paneer or cottage cheese. But, the way we Indians consume paneer, is indeed sinful. To consume the cottage cheese in the best possible manner all you have to do is to cut it into slices or mash it gently and combine with finely chopped tomatoes and spring onion. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper and you can enjoy it as it is, or you can have it with rotis. Having 75 grams daily dose of paneer or cottage cheese is the ideal amount that one should consume.

4 – Sooji and Barley idlis: Mix equal proportions of sooji and Barley flour with fat-free curd or yoghurt; add a little bit of salt, coriander powder and black pepper. Let the mixture to sit for at least 10 minutes. Mix it well and add curd or water to bring the whole mix to the Idli batter consistency. Now make the idlis and enjoy them without sending your mind and body on a guilty-trip. Got your mouth watered at the thought of hot, steaming idlis, don’t bother and you can place an online order; because idlis are not some evil food items. Make your order even better and smarter with the Box8 Offers.

5 – Sooji and Barley Uttapam: Another tasty and healthy option you can include in your everyday diet is the Suji and Barley Uttapam. All you have to do is prepare the mixture of suji and Barley flour with fat-free yoghurt or curd just like the idlis and add finely chopped vegetables such as spring onions, tomatoes, capsicum and carrots. Keep the mixture somewhat thicker as compared to the idli batter and make the uttapam in a non-stick pan without any oil. You can add a little bit of salt, coriander powder and black pepper powder to add the flavour. You should eat it without any sauce or ketchup.

Well, people, these are some of the delicious yet healthy meal options you can opt for.

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