Top Benefits of Pressure Washing the Roof

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Pressure washing is a highly effective method of roof maintenance. Professional cleaners and roofing contractors prefer soft washing, which is a milder form of pressure washing technique.


Each component and feature of a home requires maintenance in varying degrees to sustain them. This is especially applicable in the case of roofing materials as they are exposed to the elements like the sun, wind and rain for a significant amount of time. The most efficient way to ensure that the roofing material remains intact for as long as possible is by administering roof pressure washing on the Central Coast


It can effectively remove the accumulation of mould and mildew, which otherwise eat away at the roofing material. However, the effects of direct pressure washing may not be ideal for most roofing conditions. Therefore, a more specialized form of pressure washing is implemented.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of pressure washing in roof maintenance.


Why does the Roof need to be Pressure Washed?

There is no arguing the fact that the roof is a quintessential part of any structure. However, it is also the most vulnerable part of the house as it is met with the brunt of the natural forces that threaten its integrity long term. Constant exposure to elements like wind, rain, snow and sun rays will eventually affect both the appearance and quality of the roof. 


These affect the shingles most of all. This poses a huge risk as the shingles are installed primarily to extend the lifespan of the roofing material. Over time, the roof falls prey to harmful organic growth such as moss, algae, mildew and mould. They make the roof appear less attractive and can even cause the roofing material to rot. The best means of preventing such atrocities from occurring is having the roof pressure washed professionally at least once every two years. The ideal time to have the roofing cleaned is during springtime. 


Pressure washers apply an immense amount of pressure by pushing water through a small hose. It blasts away all the harmful growth and substances that have settled on the roof over time. It is a most critical step which must be completed before the roofing contractor reapplies the protective sealant.

What is Soft Washing?

There is a critical reason why pressure washing the roof should always be left to the professionals. Since they are made of highly delicate materials for instance wood, clay, ceramic, concrete and asphalt, it requires a gentler approach to cleaning. This is where specialist cleaners use a milder form of pressure washing known as 'Soft Washing'. It is a far more reliable method when it comes to cleaning tasks that require precision rather than force. Professional cleaners use a biodegradable cleaning solution that they spray during soft washing to not only remove all unwanted substances like dust, debris, algae and mould but also prevent their return. This ensures that the roof remains clean and intact for a longer period of time. 


The Professional Approach

Here is how professionals approach soft cleaning.

  • Inspection: An initial inspection would be conducted diligently. This is done to assess the present condition of the roof to identify any underlying issues and take measures to fully optimize the effects of pressure washing. 
  • Pre-wash: The roof is first saturated with water, spraying at low pressures to avoid any damage. This is done to increase adherence to the cleaning solution which is applied later.  
  • Cleaning Solution: A cleaning solution is applied using a nozzle the size of a soap dispenser. It is sprayed over each small section at a time in a systemic fashion. They let the solution sit for 15 minutes before proceeding further. 
  • Soft Wash: Jet water is sprayed at low pressure to ensure it causes no harm to the roof. The cleaner continues spraying until the cleaning solution is completely rinsed away.
  • Add Sealant: A sealant is applied to add a protective layer over the roofing material. This is done only after the roof has completely dried off which may take approximately 24 hours.

Benefits of Pressure Washing the Roof


Pressure washing or soft washing the roof is guaranteed to offer the following benefits;


1 . Longevity

Pressure washing is meant to help preserve the integrity of the roof shingles and tiles. Over the years, these roofing components accumulate mould, debris, algae, lichen and mildew which results in its discoloration. This also hampers the smooth passage of water through the gutter and eavestrough. Professional pressure washing ensures that the roofing would last for several years to come.  


2 . Infestation Prevention

Algae and mould growth would eventually invade the houses' interior if not dealt with. This overgrowth can interrupt the air conditioning system, promoting significant health issues in the process. As a result, there can be an outbreak of rot and allergens throughout the house.


3 . Energy Efficiency

One of the most important functions of the roof is to reflect the sunlight and prevent heat accumulation. This would not be possible if the roof is covered in overgrowths like algae and mould. Pressure cleaning can remove all such harmful substances gradually reducing the level of energy consumption.


4 . Improved Aesthetics

A roof infested with the materials previously mentioned in this article can result in it looking discoloured and dilapidated. Professional pressure washing would restore the curb appeal of the roof by reinstating it to its pristine condition.


5 . Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies are always trying to determine whether a property is well taken care of. This would enable the homeowner to enjoy lower premium rates. Pressure washing the roof not only ensures its proper maintenance but also identifies any invisible issues which can be repaired urgently.


Adequate roof maintenance requires the assistance of regular inspections and administering a soft wash in Central Coast now and then. It prevents harmful substances from building up which further contributes to sustaining its integrity in the long run. 

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