Top 9 Web Design Trends and Designing for Your Audience

by Sanjay Kumar Digital Marketer

“Change is the only constant”.

This is very true for the web design and development world. Working in this field has shown us all sorts of trends whether they are good or bad. We know that we are designing for our customers so the redesign needs to be based on more than our taste. It has to match the taste of the client as well. 

While looking across various websites, you will come across the website you adore. It is very important to surf something new and embrace the new ideas of presenting your brand. But the redesign should be done based on more than one reason. 

You might have various questions in your mind while thinking about the latest trends in designing:

  • Does it help to communicate well with the audience?

  • Does it provide an efficient way to deliver the message to our audience?

  • Does it enhance the user experience? 

  • Will you be able to compete with your competitors?

We have seen great variations in the design trends, from abandoning grids and traditional stock photos with bold color schemes to technological advancements with machine learning and subtle interactions. 

So here are some design trends we have been focusing on lately:

1. White Spaces:

The latest website design is ready to go back to minimalism with purposeful white spaces, comparable to the Print Magazines. 

White spaces act like a wave, helping visitors to flow from one element to the other. This helps in the creation of a visual hierarchy, where there is no interruption. It is more likely to users as it provides rest to the user’s eye. It also links the pages with the elements. 

When there are two elements but the white space is less, it is visualized as one-unit by the users. Whereas if the two elements are far apart from each other, they will be seen separately. They even help in distinguishing the most important information from others. It is very important to know the effective usage of white spaces on your website. 

2. Customized illustrations

Right illustrations make a dull website colorful and lively. 

When we talk about illustrations, the inspiration is taken from print publishing and various other art forms. With the increased coding capabilities, illustrations continue to evolve beyond 2D designing. Even 3D designing has come into force which has created another addiction to the users.

It involves various new trends like:

  • Gradient shading with a change in color from one shade to another.
  • 3D cursor interaction is one of the latest attractions that users can’t stay away from.
  • Various digital cut-out styles help in cut-out layers of paper.  

3. Latest Colour-scheme

Website designers love to experiment with new colors like any other designer. Every year the king of all the colors is selected. In the year 2018, the color all over the internet was yellow and in 2019 it was blue. Gradients are a trendsetter these days, designers are exploring different trends which would be more suited. 

Is the psychology of the colors important? 

The answer is yes, especially in the year 2020 it has played a significant role. Whenever you develop a new color palette for your company, make sure to study the psychology behind it. There are some trends that were loved in 2020 and will continue to rule in 2021. 

  • Blues, teals, and greys are the soft cool colors that provide information and backgrounds.
  • Reds, oranges, and even greens are the bold, warm colors that call to action(CTA).

4. Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are considered as the events which usually have one main-task and are found all over your device within all the applications. The main purpose is to delight the user and create an engaging and welcoming moment for the user. 

Every time the user takes any small action, on the website or an application, there is a specific response to it, this is called a micro-interaction. Whenever we press a like button on Instagram, you hear a sound it is micro-interaction or whenever you refresh a Twitter page and hear a beep, this is called a micro-interaction

This is one of the best features with scrolling animations and much more. This is the best way to involve your audience in your website. It makes the web pages feel more interactive. 

5. More Video Content

The place video-content holds in the minds of the users is incomparable. This is nothing new but a trend which would never be out shortly. For people who don’t have time for scrolling the text and reading them, video is an effective way of scanning throughout the text. 

The latest update which Google has made is the mixed search page results, featuring the video content above the standard web pages. It offers the most efficient and desirable content in a shareable way. 

6. Bold Fonts

The designers have been playing more with the bold fonts in 2020 than in the previous years. The vintage types of fonts, like San-serif and serif fonts, are very popular and adored by the designers. They have made a come-back in the branding. We even observe the bold type and outlined type appearing in various brands on the landing page. 

When you are selecting the font for your brand, you must make sure that it matches your brand, your audience, and the goal of the company.

7. Focus on User interface and User Experience 

It is very essential to provide a smooth user experience, 2020 was all about providing the best, smooth, uninterrupted, and engaging user-experience. It should have a fast loading page, scannable, relevant SEO content, and great Multimedia. Web designers need to seek the functionality of the website and they design it very innovatively. They have to make it with clean design, innovative, and most importantly unique in all ways. 

User experience and interface go hand-in-hand, it should support:

  • Image captions
  • Video transcriptions
  • Balanced motion design
  • Video-interfaces

Mobile surfing has increased in 2020, more than 50% of the traffic comes from mobile devices, and the number is expected to rise steadily. 

8. Impactful Story-telling

People feel more connected to the brand if they know the story. 2020 was all about connecting more to the brand and then selecting the product. If you want to evolve as a modern website, you need to share your stories in the content and marketing strategies. 

With a high-end site design and an inspiring story, your website is sure to extract a high-conversion rate. 

9. Always remember your target audience 

Website design is not a matter of individual thinking, it is to serve a purpose. The target audience needs to support your design, your goals, and your ideology. So you need to focus on them while designing your website. Your designs should always support your goals.  

Final words


Web design trends are changing now and then, we discussed some top web design trends which are quite popular amongst the users. There is always more surprise ahead of us when we talk about web design. Web design companies provide various website design services according to the needs of the brand as well as the users.

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