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Google is the first to answer your queries. It is the world’s most sought out online search engine. As statistics depict, Google processes nearly 63,000 search queries every single second of each day. With that high usability, the competition of ranking high on Google is also high. SEO company in India narrates how the neck breaking competition that goes in the niche of SEO. In that context, Google has 200 ranking factors. SEO companies must abide to as many factors as they can, to stay in the lead.


Google has become the largest search engine in the world. It surpasses other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Hence, knowing more about Google rank factors is vital. Below is a list of the core nine Google ranking factors that an SEO company in India should follow:

1.     Backlinks-

Backlinks are the strongest ranking signals amongst the Google’s entire search algorithm. Try to have more backlinks links from multiple high-authority domains. That shall let you have better chances to rank well for top keywords. Paying close attention to their backlink profiles is important for digital marketers. With the recent updates like the “Penguin 4.0”, backlinking has become more important. These recent updates can clean and filter sites with low-quality backlink profiles.

2.     Rankbrain-

An SEO company in India must pay attention to rankbrain. It is the third-most important Google ranking factor. RankBrain aims to offer highly relevant and useful results. RankBrain understands the user intent behind a search query. It relies on machine learning to understand complex searches and their relatedness to particular topics. RankBrain works on how the user behaves towards the exact set of search results. Hence, those search results that have more success with users gain higher rankings.

 3) Freshness-


Freshness is the next essential Google ranking factor. It is a query-dependent ranking factor. Freshness sifts the more important queries. The Google Freshness Algorithm can be a real game changer.  The algorithm of freshness originally began out in June 2010. Since then it has had a powerful impact over SEO processing. When old contents do not work, updating them can be effective. You must know that Google is often biased to new content. With prioritization, it makes sure that at least some of the SERP features are up to date results. 

4.     Mobile-friendliness-

 Smartphones have taken over laptop, and desktop. Hence, it is important for digital marketers to optimise their websites for mobile versions. A mobile friendly website means more users, and more traffic. Google’s mobile-first approach is headed towards changing the search results, especially the local results. With mobile friendliness, users receive better results. They can even target their current location. There is an increased indication of Geolocation factor that actively affects the local search queries, both on desktop and phone.

5.     Page speed-

Next, an SEO company in India should pay attention to page speed. Speed is amongst the 200 different Google ranking factors. A high speed will entice more users. In fact in the starting of May 2021, Google made website loading speed a part of its Core Web Vitals. Along with speed, Google also looks at responsiveness, and how quickly different elements like fonts and images load. With just milliseconds of load time, you can beat your competitors. A quick page loading will provide a great user experience for your audience. Not only will Google analyze your website, but also display a score for mobile and desktop. Hence, fast page loading time is important if you want to stay in the good books of Google.  

6.     Core web vitals-

Core Web Vitals are necessary for SEO marketing. This ranking factor aims to reward the sites with good Loading, Interactivity and Visual Stability. Add to that, core web vitals also consider Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift metrics.  The Largest Contenful Paint, on the other hand, measures the time necessary to display the largest element that appears on the screen. The element can either be a text, image, video or anything else as per the page layout. Try to look for ways to minimize or remove render-blocking resource to improve the largest contentful paint. It will also fasten up server response time and resources load time.

7.     Schema markup-

An SEO company in India must consider schema markup. SEO is going local now. So, if you want to rank higher on Google then schema markup is an important ranking factor. It is specifically important for small business SEO. Schema markup code assists the search engines to get a better understanding of specific texts like addresses, phone numbers, recipes, reviews and more. Implementation of a site-wide schema code can be highly fruitful for small scale business. By telling Google where about your business location you can implement a correct schema code.

8.     Brand power-

Branded searches have turned out to be a strong signal to Google’s search algorithm. Getting more traffic from branded searches, will make the website get more recognition. Also noticeable is the fact that social signals from Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and other social sites correlate with search rankings. So, a good online social presence is also helpful in bringing organic traffic, and enhancing brand power. Websites that use both brand power and social signals will have better SEO outcome. Similarly, domain power matter a lot. Domains do influence the coming in of visitors.

9.     Content is the king-

An SEO company in India must focus on improving content quality, because that creates a big difference. Good content will undeniably bring more traffic. High quality content will cover a broad spectrum of its respective subject. Good content means offering real value to the user. It should incorporate engaging visual content to complement the written content. Quality beats quantity and that is the essence of content marketing. Value matters more than word count, because there is no specific rule for content length. Yes longer, and more comprehensive content typically has higher rankings, but quality is still the defining factor.

SEO companies can use Google’s semantic search to optimize keyword targeting in their articles. You can find semantic queries by browsing the “related search” results at the bottom of the Google search results page.

To conclude, staying updated with Google ranking factors is crucial. There will be more changes in 2021, which shall affect SEO working. As per the recent Google updates sites with quality content are getting noticed. They provide real value for users. Google is also improving on how to measure user’s interaction with a website. Stick to the above mentioned 9 Google ranking factors, and you can enjoy better rank. 

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