Top 8 Libraries for Android App Development in 2022

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Every mobile app development project takes some time to finish. To build a mobile app, you have to follow certain processes. The process takes time and can lead to certain mistakes as well if get complicated. That’s why developers use certain tools and techniques to make the development process less complicated and bring effective results. The Android App Development process also comprises such tools and techniques.
Android apps are extremely famous among smartphone users. Nearly 70% of customers use an Android device worldwide. Hence, the use of Android app development libraries is rising among developers. They’re required to develop multiple apps in a day, month, or year. They need to devote ample time to each project. So, they use the best tools to finish their work in time.
These tools are called app development libraries and are found in various development frameworks. In this article, we’re going to highlight the 8 best libraries that you can use for an Android app building project and create exceptional apps for your business or clients. Let’s proceed!

What is an App Development Library?

Many of you might be unaware of an app development library. If you haven’t worked on an app development project before, you are probably unaware of them. These libraries are like a toolbox that consist of various instruments and equipment to help developers build the app UI effectively. It makes their work easy, flexible, and finish in time. Modern Android app development is incomplete without these libraries.
The library includes various documents, pre-written codes, values, classes, and message templates related to a particular app development project. Whenever the developers want to add a specific function or UI element to the app, they simply pick it up from the library. An app development library can be 3rd party or integrated into a development framework.
Both iOS and an Android app development agency make use of such libraries to save time and improve their productivity bringing a good ROI!
8 Best App Development Libraries to Use in 2022

In this segment, we’ll talk about the leading Android app development libraries that you shouldn’t miss in 2022. These tools and components can help you create powerful Android apps for your target audience and you can project your business vision so easily before your app users in the future. By accessing these libraries, you can implement some highly necessary codes for your development projects. Take a look:
1.    Gson

Gson belongs to Google and provides open-source access to all users and developers. You can easily serialize or deserialize Java objects for your various mobile application functions. You can easily find an Android app development agency using this library for creating compelling Android apps. That’s because Google is very famous among new and old developers and is a reliable source.
2.    Timber

Timber is a great library platform to learn and grow in the Android app-building field. It also helps developers do faster debugging and make the application consumer-ready within a few weeks. The users can easily create logs and you don’t need to tag such logs manually. The logs identify their classes and the tags come automatically to them. It makes the development process flexible.
3.    Picasso

Picasso is also a great library but is just limited to image-related apps. The library is often used for loading images and can’t be replaced by other ordinary libraries. Apps related to images usually include- Social Media Apps, Online Shopping Apps, and Photo Editing Apps. A Mobile App Development Company having experience in social media app development can use Picasso very often.

4.    Mixpanel

Some libraries are used to add analytical functions to mobile apps, especially in the E-Commerce category. These analytics functions help app owners and admins make better decisions for their business growth and development. Mixpanel is a library that delivers groundbreaking analytics functionality and it's free of cost. It helps to track buyers’ journeys and relative events.
5.    Lottie

The top thing about Lottie is that its available for both Android and iOS app development projects. It also consists of a React Native library to facilitate the corresponding cross-platform app-building projects. Android app development is also a great experience with Lottie. The library offers support for various types of After Effect Animations and is related to such visual projects.
6.    Crashlytics

Crashlytics is a part of Google Firebase and is used to inform regarding various forms of app crashes. It is majorly used for reporting the crash ahead of time so that the developers could resolve the issue and overcome user inconvenience. The library also reveals the leading issues with the app and suggests resolving them on priority. The library is very lightweight and doesn’t require more app space.
7.    Glide

Glide is a library with multiple functionalities to facilitate the development project. It has a very flexible API and can be implemented in different types of Android app-building projects. Using Glide, the developers can display certain images on the app, and fetch and resize them. A mobile app development company can perform different sorts of actions using Glide for the client app.
8.    Dagger 2

It is an injection library that helps developers inject 3rd party services into the client app. It is based on the dependency injection concept and the library also depends on another injection library that delivers traceable codes. The library performs effectively and provides various functions to the users. It is one of the most used Android app-building solutions in the relative category.
Apart from these options, you can try- Stetho, Espresso, Robolectric, RX Java, Firebase, and other important options depending on your business niche and project uniqueness. First, you should make sure of your project requirements!

Wrapping Up

An app development project can’t bring favorable results if not accompanied by the right set of tools and frameworks. As such, Android app development is meaningless without proper libraries, tools, and techniques. Get in touch with a good app development agency to know which libraries suit your development requirements perfectly!

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