Top 7 Wondrous and Simple Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

by Homespice Rugs Classic American Decor

You may own a large and luxurious house, but there always can be a small room that is meant for storage or other purposes. It is always a challenge to decorate a small room, whereas it is also an effortless task. The reason for this statement is that a small room has less space, which means it requires fewer decorative items and ideas to adorn it. On the other hand, it is difficult to set a theme in a small room. Nevertheless, there are few tips and trip tricks for beautifying a small-sized room. Few wondrous and simple ways to make a small room look bigger are given below. The best thing about the below-mentioned points is that they do not cost a fortune to implement. You can even take this as a minor DIY project. 

  1. Remove the Clutter

It is very easy to cramp a small space by keeping a lot of stuff in it. But it takes hard work to remove all the clutter and organize the useful items properly. When clearing a small room, you might come across several items which were kept unnecessary. It is important to get rid of them and make arrangements for storing the remaining items. Install a shelf for this purpose and use the backside of the door to organize things. With all the items properly arranged and out of sight, the small space will be visible in an orderly and large fashion.

  1. Use Multi-Functional Furniture Having Hidden Storage

It is always a good idea to have multifunctional furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, you can custom build a window seat for watching television as well as storing all the TV components in it. Another option is to make use of baskets that can be used for keeping chew toys for your pets and the blankets. The use of multifunctional furniture having hidden storage will make space look larger and allow you to ensure a systematic storing of various items.

  1. Go for floor-to-ceiling Curtains

One of the ways to make a small area look big is to instill a feeling of a higher ceiling. One of the cost-effective ways to do this is to hang long curtains just below the ceiling that should sweep the floor. You can search online for the best quality and inexpensive floor-to-ceiling curtains that will serve your purpose beautifully.

  1. Choose Monochromatic/Soft, Light Colors

For a small room, it is suggested to choose colors which belong to the same family. This selected color should be in tone with textured wall finishes, upholstery fabrics, and drapery fabric. These light hues will make the room look open and airy. You can select the soft shades of green and blue for the best potential effect. Another option is to go for delicate warm and cool colors. The selection of these color shades will bring a feeling of intimacy and coziness to the room. 

The use of contrasting colors of walls, furniture, and furnishings will make it look smaller than it already is. Furniture which has the same color tone as the wall tends to blend with space and give a larger appearance.

  1. Move the Furniture

Furniture is very important in every room of the house. But in the case of a small area, the furniture and its accessories can often block the pathway or view of the room. This gives the room a cramp-like feeling. To open the space and give it a large feel, move out all the furniture, especially from the walkways. You must replace the large-sized furniture with smaller and space saver furniture items such as an ottoman, low height foldable table, and an open chair without arms. 

You should support furniture with comfort under the feet. For this, you can keep a rectangular, oval braided rugs, or a small-sized area carpet in the room. The rugs are available in assorted material of construction, patterns, styles, and designs. Hence, you have a lot of options to choose from.

  1. Adorn Small Room with a Couple of Large Decorative Accents

Installation of several small decorative items in a room that is less on space results in a congested feeling. Hence the ideal thing to do is to keep two or more decorative accents that are large in size. This will serve dual purposes viz decorating the room as well as giving it a larger feel. Every surface of the room does not require adorning. Just choose any one surface or two (maximum) and you will see that the small area has become wondrous.

  1. Make Way for Natural Light

Natural light or sunlight has a number of benefits such as making people more happy, calm, healthy, and efficient. It also helps in the management of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and other health issues as it contains Vitamin D. According to researchers, exposure to sunlight for a small duration can help prevent depression in adults. With so many benefits, it is imperative to bring in the natural light. Windows are the best way to achieve this. 

If there is a dearth of sunlight in the room, then install mirrors in the room along with preferring reflective surfaces. This will cause reflection of the less amount of natural light, spreading it in the entire room. If there is no scope of sunlight entrance, then install string lights and other modern lighting fixtures to illuminate the room so that it feels cozy and large.


Making a small area of the room look large is not that difficult. By following the aforementioned top 7 wondrous and simple ways, you will be able to achieve your target of making a small room look bigger. These are not just easy but also cost-effective ways that you can do on your own, with no professional help.

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