Top 7 Decorating Ideas to Create A Stress-Free Sanctuary At Your Home

by Homespice Rugs Classic American Decor

It is always magnificent to have a beautifully designed and decorated home that is completely free from stress and oozes positive energy all the time. The year 2021 has brought a compulsory need of redesigning your home so that the negative energy is completely eliminated from it. To boost your mind and soul, you must restyle and redecorate the home as per your own individual style. Let’s have a look at the top 7 decorating ideas to create a stress-free sanctuary at your home.

#1 Decorating Idea: Choose mood-boosting colours

There are a few colours that are an instant mood booster. For instance, sunshine yellow, rich greens, and cherry reds are the top three colours that elevate your mood quickly. If you hang a painting with a combination of red, orange or yellow colours, then it might help in increasing your morning energy. 

It is important to choose the correct colour palette as it is a crucial factor in the creation of sanctuary at your home. The best mood-boosting colour is green since it is associated with nature and so it develops feelings of peace, restfulness, and calm. The second best colour is yellow that is associated with happiness and cheerfulness. Next comes the colour blue that is known for diminishing aggression and anxiety. 

In simple words, colours are the key to decreasing stress and making everyone happy. With people spending more time at home, it has become a necessity to decorate and design your home in such a way that you feel at ease and relax. With the right colours in your home, you will be able to boost your mood and rejuvenate your mind and body.

#2 Decorating Idea: Keep Natural Plants Indoors

There are no alternatives to natural plants as their benefits are several. For creating a peaceful century at your home, it is very important to keep natural plants indoors. Make sure to keep fresh foliage and potted plants in every possible room as it also helps in cleansing the indoor air. You can check out the top trending indoor plants of this year and choose the best one which appeals to you. Understand that there is no need to keep any random natural plant indoors. unless that particular plant is as per your liking and purifies the environment, you will not be able to get benefits from it. Some of the popular indoor plants for the creation of a positive environment are Dracaena, Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos, and Snake Plant.

#3 Decorating Idea: Work on the Room’s Visual Appeal

Colouring of walls with colours that reduce the stress and create a revitalizing or is not enough to get the desired effects. You should also work on the room's visual appeal along with this. In other words, you need to emphasize on furniture, the finishing of furniture, curtains, blankets, cushions, throws and even an area rug. Among these options, the one which becomes the centre of attraction is an area carpet. You need to search and buy the ideal braided rug that not only complements the room's interior theme but is also easy to clean at home. You can choose such a type of rug in various shapes, colours and prints. All these elements, when combined, will present a relaxing and attractive appearance that will instantly reduce your stress when you are at home.

#4 Decorating Idea: Relaxing Scents

There are a few scents that have scientifically proven effects of relaxing the human senses. One way is to keep a natural plant indoors that has a relaxing fragrance. However, this is not a practical method for everyone out there. The best option to include relaxing scents in your home is to use an electric diffuser. Such types of diffusers are generally provided with a number of scents, wherein each serves a specific purpose.

  • Rose and germanium are perfect for relaxation

  • Citrus, grapefruit, and peppermint are perfect for invigorating you

#5 Decorating Idea: Declutter the Kitchen

In the present times, kitchens have become more important than ever. These are not just cooking places. For many people, it has become classrooms for children or an office for those working at home. For whatever purpose you are using your kitchen for, it is very important to declutter it. Doing this will play a very important role in transforming that area into a stress-free sanctuary. A few suggestions are given below:

  • Tabletop surface available in the kitchen must be clutter-free

  • The wall spaces should be used strategically to create storage spaces

  • Keep a small plant near the windows of the kitchen

  • Consider keeping a centre braided rug in the middle of the kitchen

When you have a decluttered kitchen, then automatically it will send positive and happy vibes, resulting in a better mood for the entire family.

#6 Decorating Idea: Separate Work and Play Area

Over the past year, houses have converted into a multifunctional place that is used to work, relax, play, cook and have get-togethers. This is one of the primary reasons that your home feels congested all the time. Apart from decluttering the rooms, you should also separate the work areas and play areas. With different spaces for socializing and enjoying, you will be able to create a stress-free sanctuary at your home.

#7 Decorating Idea: Refurbish the Old Furniture

Going on a shopping spree for furniture is not recommended in most instances. If you have old furniture which is working well for you, then you should consider refurbishing it and giving it an appearance of a new set. Not only this is an easy way to redesign and redecorate your home but it is also beneficial in saving your money. You can consider repainting the furniture if it looks old. Also, you may consider replacing the seat covers or alter the present curtains & converting them into cushion covers.

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