Top 6 Reasons Why Security Testing is Important for Mobile Applications

by Ruslan D. CEO and Founder QA Mentor Inc.

Mobile applications are widely used for personal and professional tasks. The mobile devices contain a lot of sensitive information and data of users. Thus, meticulous security testing is vital. This article shares top 6 reasons that show the importance of security testing in mobile applications.

In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of the society. Despite its advantages, new technologies bring with them new risks, too. Software developers are redefining their approach toward the security of their clients. To make sure that the user’s data is kept safe and their applications are free from vulnerabilities security testing is critical.

Application security is no longer treated as an option; it has become an absolute necessity.

Top 6 Reasons Why Security Testing is Important for Mobile Applications:     

1. Keep Hackers at Bay

Targeted security attacks are the primary approach to cyber crimes. These attacks occur by taking advantages of the loopholes present in the source codes of the mobile app. These loopholes permit the cybercriminals to take full charge of the mobile devices. Then, they can run their patches and rewire the source code of the application and have easy access to the valuable and sensitive user information. Hence, the developers must make sure that the source code of their application is foolproof and free from security flaws. The security testing performed by the best software testing company will help in identifying the possible security loopholes in the app.

2. Prevention of Data Leaks

Nowadays, the mobile users store a lot of personal and sensitive information on their devices. Most of the applications have access to all of the users’ personal information for better and personalized service delivery. It is imperative that developers and software testers work to eliminate all viable routes to prevent data leakage.

3. Detection of Flaws in third-party APIs

In recent times, a mobile app developer uses a wide range of third-party APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), services and snippets of previously written code. These previously written source codes should be run through thorough app security testing. It not only allows the tester to detect flaws in the code, but also to rectify security issues before launch.

4. Protection from Real-time Application Attacks

It is crucial for the developers to protect their mobile applications from all kinds of real-time application attacks. The attack usually occurs at the time of execution of the application. The cybercriminals try to do this to harm the applications through the submission of malicious input during the running time. It thus can hamper the applications’ original functionalities and behavior resulting in erratic behavior, similar to malware. Such incidents can be kept at bay by using app Security Testing Services.

5. Safeguard Sensitive Corporate Data

Most businesses these days allow their employees to bring their own mobile devices in the office premises. These devices are used for accessing and exchanging a lot of business data. So, it becomes critical for the enterprises to ensure the applications their employees are using are run through meticulous security testing procedures to safeguard their data.

6. Prohibition of Trojan apps

There have been several reports that cybercriminals nowadays have started distributing malware through various websites and mobile apps. Users often download games and malicious applications while being unaware of their malicious functionalities. Trojan apps can retrieve sensitive data; alter configuration systems in the device. It can also make unauthorized phone calls or messages with the aim of distributing sensitive data. Testers should conduct security testing on their mobile apps to keep the devices/users safe.


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