Top 6 Low-Cost Bathroom Renovation Ideas

by Leigh G. Dover Transpotation

The bathroom is one of the most important places where most homeowners spend some important time in life. From the morning to the evening, people go to the bathroom for various types of personal cleanliness, washing, bathing, and more. So, the accommodation of a bathroom should always be excellent and mind-blowing. To get an excellent bathroom in place of an old bathroom, you need to contact the best companies dedicated to low-cost bathroom renovation in Rochedale.

low-cost bathroom renovation

Most times, it is considered that bathroom renovation costs five figures, and controlling it can only make your bathroom renovation affordable. Most of the bathrooms which are excellent in look and feature functioning are costly. On the other hand, you have to experience low-feature, low-cost technology where you will get a high-profile look but may not be the technology-enriched bathroom. 

If you want to get the top quality bathroom, with a nice look, and modern features, you have to go for at least medium cost bathroom renovation. As per your requirement and budget, you will get your bathroom.

Cheap does not mean that it is a low-value bathroom. You can install low-cost materials which are nice to look at and mind-blowing. When poorly completed bathroom can reduce the value of the entire house. 

Here are some tips that you can follow to get a low-cost high-value bathroom.

1.    Use a low-cost lookalike material :

Refurbishing a bathroom at a low cost, you need to use look-a-like materials. It is the best way to save money. Some materials are the best alternative to some of the flooring or walling materials. If you want to get a look that is like a finished tiles or wooden floor type, you need to contact the best shops nearby. 

There you will get a synthetic sheet that is printed like the desired flooring material what you want. It is thick and lasts long if you install it once on the floor or wall. High-definition countertops surely vie with the high-profile granite or asphalt floors.

Porcelain tile backsplashes and faux-stone ceramic can mimic the look of marble and travertine.

2.    Paint and cover the wooden floor :

The wooden floor bathroom is worth to look, but it gets damaged to damp accommodation. If you want to get the best bathroom flooring with your excising wood floor, you can sand it and paint it with gorgeous colors suitable for the entire accommodation. The coating paint must be waterproof functionalities. You can install tiles, vinyl plank, and vinyl sheets as well.  

3.    Refinish your tub instead of replacement :

Tub replacement is a costly affair. If the bathing tub or sink is usable but old, you can make it refinished. If you want to get a new look to the bathtub or sink, you can repolish it to get a shiny and new look. Nobody will understand that it is old and refinished. It will be an inexpensive affair to refinish the bathtub.

4.    Refinish the cabinets with new hardware :

Buying a new set of cabinets or replacing it with a new cabinet is costly. Rather, you can call a carpenter and repolish it. After sanding, the repolishing will provide you with a new look. Nobody will understand whether it is a new one or an old one. Apart from repolishing, you can also replace the hardware system with the cabinet. It will get a stunning look.

5.    Use a pre-fabricated shower :

Installing a shower with all loose hardware and appliances will cost a lot. Hence, a lot of people consider that you should install a prefabricated setup for the shower. It will surely make your pocket safe from spending more money for the purpose.

6.    Paint by yourself :

There are some places where you need to paint after installing all appliances inside. If you need to paint anywhere, you should do it by yourself. It is not a matter of hard work. If you paint by yourself, you can save a lot of money. Painting a small portion of a room is not a mere tough task. Do it yourself.

By following all these ways, you can get a low cost finely finished bathroom. To get a complete bathroom renovation in Rochedale, you can contact the top companies in your locality.

Author bio:

The author of the writer manages a company where bathroom setting and renovation job is done. He knows how to create a lavish bathroom on a tight budget. He spends his holidays on the beach with his family members.

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