Top 6 Effective Ways To Credit Repair after Bankruptcy

by Adam Mhrez Reliant Credit Repair
No single person would like to become bankrupt one day. The term bankruptcy is associated with financial frustrations and being unable to pay debts. While this definition of bankruptcy is partially true, it is not a condemnation for life. While there is no way of avoiding a dent in the credit history and credit rating if you get into bankruptcy, it is important to know how to repair credit thereafter and build a new credit life. The rate at which credit repair after bankruptcy impacts on improving your score depends on your efforts. It can take many years or few months depending on the effort that you put towards the same.

Discharge duties in bankruptcy dutifully and truthfully:

 As earlier stated, your effort will determine the rate at which you get out of bankruptcy. You can quickly get discharged from bankruptcy if you begin repaying the debts and submitting the repayment reports to the trustee, and to the credit bureaus. The faster you repay the debts and get out of bankruptcy, the sooner it will get out of your credit report. Ensure you dutifully and truthfully discharge your duties in bankruptcy if you want to begin repairing credit immediately after discharge.

Get services of credit Repair Company:

A credit report after bankruptcy will show that you entered into bankruptcy, and that information will remain there for some period of time. In the U.S., bankruptcy information will remain the credit history for 10 years. However, the credit report may also contain inaccurate information. In such a case where some of the entries in the credit report are not accurate, the credit repair company can help remove the erroneous items which contribute to the lower credit score.

Begin saving money:

All over the world, banks lend money to the people who do not need it, and not necessarily those who need cash urgently. What does this mean? If you want to borrow again after bankruptcy, you should prove that you have the ability to handle money, and there can be better way of doing this than having some savings in the bank. If you were making monthly payments to the trustee during bankruptcy, after the discharge from bankruptcy, continue making those payments but now challenge them to savings account. The savings in a bank will help repair credit after bankruptcy.

Monitor the credit:

After bankruptcy, you must keep a close watch of the credit report. Any new entries should be noted. Ordinarily, credit bureaus will notify you when they receive new or adverse information on your credit report. The leading credit bureaus provide one free credit report in a year. You may pay for and ask for periodic credit reports such as after three or four months or after every six months depending on how frequent credit monitoring is required. Discuss the report with a credit repair company or with your financial or legal adviser. The most important thing to look for in the credit report is errors. The credit bureaus should be notified immediately of any errors or inaccurate debts or reports that were included in the bankruptcy.

Get secured credit card:

After bankruptcy, or when you have low credit rating, most banks and other financial institutions will be hesitant to issue you with credit card. In secured card, you can use the savings in the bank to place deposit with the card; and in that case, you will be issued with credit card of equivalent limit. The secured credit card show on the credit report just like the normal credit card.

Get co-signed loan or credit card:

If you have family member or friend who has good credit history and who has accepted to co-sign loan or credit card with you, it can help repair your credit rating after bankruptcy. The co-signer will be like guarantor so default on your part may affect their good credit rating.


Avoid quick fixes as you seek to credit repair after bankruptcy. Be calculative in your actions, as almost every move will have a positive or negative effect on your credit score. For instance, when you apply for credit card and the same is rejected, it may affect your credit score.

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