Top 5 Reasons to Read Books If You’re A Teen

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Stories are a gateway to another world, a world that teaches the children to be more empathetic, more compassionate, and also, the magic of acceptance. To put yourself in someone else's shoes is a quality that not everyone has mastered and only the people who read books can do it easily. When children read storybooks online, they come across different characters and they learn different lessons that help in building their personalities. One can see the changes that occur after one starts reading the books. Let's dive into each quality individually for a better understanding that why our children need to read books:


1. Learning The Basic As Well As Complex


We often think that storybooks help only in teaching complex things but that's not true. Along with the basic values that a human should have, the books also teach the regular life, the basic routine, and the importance of having it. Such as kids when see pictures of a kid brushing his teeth, will be astonished and would want themselves to do the same. These are the basic characteristics that they gain.


Moreover, as you already know, it also teaches the complex learnings in an easy way, such as how important it is to share, how kindness works, how we need to accept the diversity of each other, and many others. Isn't it amazing what books can do to children?


2. Building Vocabulary And Improving Language


Storybooks, not only help in teaching basic moral values but also helps in building vocabulary and improving the language. Even when kids are just opening picture books, they get to know new words and how to use them. They get to know what are synonyms or how many new words there are for the word "beautiful". And the list is endless. So, buying storybooks can never harm you as you and your kid will only benefit from the same.


3. Development Of Imagination And Creativity

If you want your child to be creative or to increase the power of imagination, then, storybooks can be helpful in many ways. They are aware of the kid about many fairy worlds or magical worlds that can exist in our imagination. Isn't it amazing? It's possible that your kid will build creativity and his imagination will be enhanced after this.


4. A Sense Of Comfort And Relaxation


Storybooks not only teach kids few things but it also helps in calming their mind. When they read about fairytales, it brings a sense of joy and peace. They feel safe, comfortable and want to be in the same world. If your kid is having trouble sleeping or if he is anxious, angry, then, you can help him by telling him stories. No wonder it will calm him.


5. “You Are Not Alone”


As a parent, you may not understand what your kid is going through sometimes or it might possible that he won't be able to share with you. In these times, storybooks can be a savior. When they read books about similar struggles and feelings, they accept theirs as well. They understand that they are not alone that everyone goes through the same. This helps in calming them and in building a better understanding of themselves.


SUMMARY: Stories are good for children and we have heard many times that kids should read storybooks but have you ever wondered why? If no, then here are few points that you can know why it's important to read storybooks? They help in making children more empathetic, more compassionate, and loving. They also build their imagination and helps in creativity. Moreover, it also tells them that they aren't alone. So, gift your kids storybooks today.

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