Top 5 Key Reasons For Call Centers to Integrate CRM and IVR

by AsteriskService BHAGIRATH Digital Marketing Executive

It is a connected world of customer service so there is no justification to keep your IVR and CRM isolated, especially when you are running call centers or operate customer services in your business. 

Personalizing responses 

Fusing IVR solutions with CRM makes good sense. Suppose a caller dials into an IVR. The IVR solution requests inputs on purpose, customer ID if it is an existing customer and order reference. It takes time to input all this data and it is frustrating for the caller. Now take a scenario in which CRM Integrated IVR is in operation. The system identifies a caller by the phone number and fetches records from the CRM, presenting options that are suited to the purpose. Instead of a generalized menu structure in the IVR, it now asks the caller about the order and issues, if any. Should the caller wish to speak with an agent, the IVR-CRM integration proves its worth. 

Speedy responses by agent

With the CRM integration the IVR should be able to resolve most callers and their issues but when a caller must speak with the agent, the CRM presents caller’s data on the screen in front of the agent. He can give speedy response and satisfy customers. A spin off is that higher number of resolutions and speed lead to better agent satisfaction. 

Capture leads and follow them 

An IVR is not only for serving existing customers but also to capture new leads. Without CRM in the chain the data of such leads would remain in the ICR. Integrating IVR with CRM ports the lead to the central database that marketing and sales can access. Hot leads can be followed with promptness, hopefully converting such leads into customers. That alone repays the cost of getting call center solution providers to link IVR with CRM. 

Outbound campaigns

The IVR solution can also serve as a tool for outbound campaigns. You can plan a campaign for sales. You can plan a survey. When your IVR is linked to the CRM then it is possible and easy to design and launch such campaigns. A typical method of working is to access the CRM and pick selected numbers or feed a set of numbers into it. Select the list and link it to a campaign. Create a voice message. Configure the IVR and set it to launch at a specific time. You can refine it further to target numbers according to geographic region and according to time. The IVR accesses the call list and initiates outbound calls while agents can work on more important tasks. Targets have the option of responding with a certain keypress in which case their number goes into a database for further follow up or it activates an agent to initiate a return call to the target. Carry out a survey and record satisfaction levels of customers. The captured data tells you a lot about areas where you can improve. Target customers for sales and you could be generating leads with the IVR CRM integrated solution. These are just two possible use case scenarios. You can just as well use the IVR to send out birthday greetings, anniversary greetings and seasons greetings to customers as a way of building relationships. 

Everything is logged and recorded 

An IVR receives an inbound call. It records the transaction. IT makes an outbound call and records the instance in the CRM database. An agent talks with a customer and the conversation goes into the CRM. Everything is there. You only need to use the analytics part of the CRM to derive information and intelligence to improve your business operations. 

Paving the way for more automation 

Integrating CRM with IVR brings in a degree of automation, efforts and cost reductions. This should pave the way for more automation in your customer service chain and inclusion of smarter technologies. For instance, IVR-CRM combine may be of specific help for call centers. However, in a larger sense, it is just as useful for business enterprises that must handle existing customers as well as drive more leads. Such businesses may use traditional desktop phones but automation of CRM-IVR could lead to computer telephony integration, transforming each desktop computer or a smartphone into a communication center. 

Employee happiness counts 

The focus is so much on customer experiences that businesses tend to push employee happiness into the background or drive them harder to deliver satisfaction. IVR-CRM integration leads to better working conditions for people who must handle calls and routine office work. Part of their workload eases since the IVR takes care of it while those activities requiring interaction are aided by availability of data on the screen. Happy employees will do more for you. 

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