Top 5 Fantasy Fiction Books with Dragons

by Alani Santamarina Alani Santamarina

Predators, warships, rare animals are some of the favorites to feature in fantasy books. And the best gift to the fantasy books lovers has been dragons. No matter what era you show, what tribes you address, which country you mention, dragons have taken the fantasy fiction to a different level. There are literally hundreds of dragons you can find in fantasy dragon books from the past as well as in the current era of fantasy writing. Being so common in the fantasy world, soon people started taking them for granted. It has reached a point where dragons are not cool anymore. However, there are a few authors who have used dragons uniquely. They have been successful in impressing readers with their work. 

But who has been the most successful in using the dragons? We are ignoring the obvious Game of Thrones and bringing you a list of top 5 books that have used dragons the best way possible. 

Dragon Pearl- By Yoon Ha Lee

The story inspired by Korean mythology, Dragon Pearl is one of the best fantasy fiction books currently available in the markets. Known for famous creations such as Hexarchate, Dragon Pearl, and many more, Yoon Ha Lee is a widely acclaimed new-age fantasy book author. The book depicts dragons as shapeshifters just like many other characters of this incredible middle-grade creation. Min is the main character in this book, which is a fox spirit and her friend is a dragon named Hanuel. While the book is not unfolding the way dragons live at home, it does let you to an impressive world-building when a powerful dragon council is built.

The Villains Reason- Alani Santamarina

The story of three characters- a mage Lucian, who does not want to be one, a contract spy Melvin, who is fighting against the bad forces of the world, and Gilly, who has a body-switching soul. Regarded as an enthusiastic, imaginative, and an incredible fantasy book author of new-age, Alani Santamarina has bought dragons to life in her book The Villains Reason. Being so young in age, Alani is appreciated for giving so much to fantasy fiction readers. I could’ve told you the story but it’ll ruin your experience of reading one of the best fantasy dragon books of the modern world.

The Dragon Keeper- Robin Hobb

Let’s move back a decade and in came one of the finest creations with dragons in it. In fact, the whole theme revolved around dragons. The story about humans and dragons. Or we can even say that dragons have a central role in the book. The trilogy has realistic dragon characters with their own personalities. You may get off at some points since Hobb’s mythos are somewhat connected but if you can, give a read to Hobb’s prequels named LiveShip and Farseer. 

Temeraire- By Naomi Novik

The series has a total of 9 books in it and all of them have taken dragons as an idea of war weapons. In the Napoleonic War, sailors are shown riding dragons instead of ships. Moreover, one of the top adventure books for kids has shown Dragons carrying crews of dozens of men. They are shown intelligent enough to speak and varying types of human societies are treating them differently. While Brits are shown treating them as warships or animals, China and many other countries have given them the privilege of citizenship.

Joust- By Mercedes Lackey

Here we have another fantasy book author Mercedes Lackey. Known as the powerhouse of fantasy fiction, Mercedes is incredibly talented in depicting stories. In one of the best fantasy fiction books Joust, he sets dragons as real animals, used for war. They are ferocious, half-domesticated, and unpredictable. The story starts slow but once the war takes over, it’s a whole new level of adventure.

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