Top 5 Demystified Myths About The African Continent

by Kristen White Blogger
Africa can be appreciated more by looking at the facts and the myths associated with it. First, you need to acquaint yourself with the truths related to the continent. Africa is the second-largest continent by landmass and the second most populous continent after Asia, with 1.216 billion people calling it home.
Africa institute in Sharjah is one of the best ways of appreciating and learning everything which the continent has to offer. Now, to the myths, Africa is diverse, with its people aligning themselves to various groups that are either native or those tracing their origin to other continents.
Myths about the continent and its people are passed from one generation to another. On the other hand, negative myths are associated with bad past experiences or damaging portrayal of the continent by foreign media. Some of the debunked myths about the African continent include;
1. Africa is a country
One of the most common misconceptions about the African continent is that it is a country. The truth is that Africa is home to 54 internationally recognized states. Apart from a few countries, most of the countries have fully functional and legitimate governments.
2. Art doesn't exist in Africa
Each of the 54 African countries is home to tens or hundreds of tribes, and this translates to a richness in arts and culture. Understanding this at first might seem more of a robust experience, especially if you know very little or nothing about the African nations and its people.
Through global Africa initiatives, you get to learn and experience various forms of African art and culture. Art can be appreciated through paintings, drawings, dance, and music.
3. Only animals can attract you to Africa

If you are a potential tourist who knows very little about the continent, you will be pleased to note that Africa has much more to offer besides its majestic wildlife. There are breathtaking sites to visit, mountains to climb, people to see, and cultures to experience.
4. Africa is ravaged by war an poverty
An estimated 47% of the African people survive in less than USD 1.25 a day, and yes, that might have been true, but that was ages ago. Political stability in a majority of the countries has favored the right economic policies which have promoted local and international investment in various industries.
5. Technology isn't appreciated in Africa
This is among the funniest myths about the African continent. Let's debunk it. A majority of African countries have access to modern internet connectivity. With favorable environments set up by the governments and other private bodies, the continent has made giant strides development-wise.
Mobile friendly banking systems trace their roots to Africa, and these systems have spread and improved commerce across the world. If solar technology is anything to go by, Morocco, a country in Africa, has built the world's largest solar power plant. These two examples mean that, just like the rest of the world, African countries appreciate and use technology.
Final take 

Learning about or appreciating the African continent starts with knowing what's fact and what is fiction. Some myths immensely contribute to the negative stereotypes about the continent. The debunked myths listed above are among the most common.

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