Top 5 Copywriting Techniques That Can Help Better Email Conversion

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We all get hundreds of promotional email which are very rarely opened. It is really difficult to make an open the email and read the content. Also there is no surety how the content which is generated can perform until the campaign goes live. You may consider your content to be extremely successful but that does not necessarily can bring result.

Testing the content type is an important element but that is time taking process which may make you lose the lead.

In order to bring better email conversion, here are some valuable copywriting techniques to look for:

1. Write at least three email version

Professional copywriting services suggest that the biggest mistake which are generally committed by copywriters is considering the first draft of email as the last one. In order to create a quick email marketing content, people end up choosing wrong method.

It is always better to approach towards email content writing by:

  • Writing a rough draft
  • Using the draft to create two variations
  • Consider creating a refined and more targeted third draft
  • Evaluate the need of additional draft

If you are not excited about your final draft, then your audience will neither be interested. Keep revising your content until your draft can create prospects.

2.  Start your email structure with a headline

In general email structure controls the flow of information telling users how to read the email and interpret the information. A well structure email can bring interest in the recipients and view the content in a desired order. Proper structure of content is capable to generate desired amount orders. A headline at the top of email content can easily grab the attention of the audience and follow desired action.

Headline should always be placed at the top of email for the prospects to read it immediately. Structure it in way takes a natural reading flow.

3. Do not worry about the length

Web copywriting service experts suggest that the length of the email content is not important as compared to the value that the email must provide. Email copy should directly convey your brand message otherwise the email recipients will not be able to understand the content of the email. You should work to keep the prospects motivated to take action. The more focused your email is the better will be the result. At times prospects need more informations and encouragement for conversion. Consider focusing the prospects and drive benefit to drive them for conversion.

4. Make it about the recipients

Using first, second or third form of noun can create a significant difference in the reaction of the prospect. It is better that you use:

Second person such as you and other similar language
Never give your brand focus by using first person or self focused language.
Appropriately use the prospects now.
Keep focus on being helpful.

5. Using the best practices of CTA

You should never make your prospects choose action between two ways. Make their attention focused on single aspect. Each CTA button you use should have one objective i.e to make prospects click.

Include secondary CTA only as a linked text. Write your secondary CTA within a sentence and hyperlink. Keep it in smaller font as compared to primary CTA.

Using these simple five tips can make your email copywriting more effective and converting.

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