Top 5 cause of fires in Indian households and how to prevent them

by Sushant Raj Enthusiastic Marketer

One of the biggest hazards to life and property in India is fire. Most homes and businesses are small, in close proximity to others and lack refuge areas. The problem only compounds in a society that is not governed by robust fire safety laws and solutions that are strictly implemented at the grassroots level.

Let's take a look at the 5 top reasons for fires and how to avoid them:

Short circuit

Faulty appliances, frayed or damaged cords, overloaded outlets, etc can all result in a burned-out fuse or an electric fire that can quickly spread around a heavily upholstered household or a cluttered and crowded warehouse. Regular maintenance, insisting on reputed products and machinery and opting for the latest plugs, cords, and cables can certainly act as an important fire safety solution to minimize risks.


Another major contributor to fire hazards is smoking. It is not uncommon to find aged Indian men smoking beedis well into their 80's and beyond. The use of modern cigarettes is also on the rise in cities and towns around India, while hookah (sheesha) continues to remain an age-old favorite among some communities. The simplest way to avoid any unforeseen scenario is to develop a 'no smoking indoors' policy for homes, offices, schools, colleges, and businesses.


Using counterfeit appliances and placing them close to flammable surfaces like carpets, rugs, wooden floors and tables, etc is a recipe for disaster. A faulty device is prone to overheat, which can ultimately result in a flame if neglected and surrounded by the wrong materials. To avoid this, key decision-makers like homemakers, business owners, and management must insist on quality products and follow safety guidelines for every product or machine they bring into their surroundings.


A barbecue (or tandoor) is a big part of many different cuisines in India, known colloquially by different names. Besides, a majority of Indian establishments still cook with gas cylinders which can be subject to improper installation, storage, and removal procedures. Cooking over burning wood is a practice that many borrow from their native tradition and bring over to their modern abodes due to its dual purpose of cooking and providing warmth. It is not uncommon to see laborers cooking their meals at their workplace using worn-out kerosene stoves. Having dedicated cooking areas and kitchens inspected by a fire safety company can eliminate or minimize any cooking-related accidents. Switching to modern cooking solutions that provide natural gas via regularly inspected pipelines will add another safety net to the Indian kitchen. Businesses can provide pre-cooked meals or install a standard kitchen or pantry for their employees.


Indian traditions encourage many homes and offices to light diyas, incense sticks and candles. India also celebrates many festivals, usually observed at home, in offices and on the streets with the lighting of firecrackers. These habits are passed down from generation to generation and with little supervision, given the fact that youngsters and even children are traditionally expected to participate in these rituals. While these practices strengthen bonds and beliefs, they could also result in a fire if performed without proper care, usually in the case of children being actively involved. Parents and guardians must take special care to minimize the involvement of individuals with special needs, youngsters and senior citizens while also lessening these practices overall, for a safer and more eco-friendly celebration.

In conclusion, India is a land where most things are allowed to exist unchecked. Fire safety solutions and fire safety companies do not feature in the decision-making process while building a home or business. But with a little foresight and the right guidance, Indians can safely create environments that are fire safety compliant and pose little to no risk to their occupants.

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