Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant in India

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Is your business in a budding stage? If yes! Then most likely you require more hands on deck to help you manage your entire business. 


Perhaps, you are thinking of doing all the tasks on your own, but if you want to expand your business, you have to have delegate your business activities to someone else. 


Many solopreneurs hesitate at the beginning to hire someone to handover their business processes because they think they might not do the tasks with the same quality and perfection as I do and they might hamper the quality and image of my business. But, once again, if you want to make your large, you have to hire new employees. 


And if budget is the constraint to hire new employees, then why not consider employing a virtual assistant in India. 


Nowadays, many small and medium-scale businesses prefer hiring virtual assistants overseas rather than hiring a physical assistant in their own nation. This is because it offers them several lucrative business benefits. 



Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant in India


1.    Lower operation cost


Hiring an assistant locally can be a costly deal for you. It can cost you even three times or more than that. But if you consider hiring a cheap virtual assistant from India, you can save a massive amount. 


The cheap cost of Indian virtual assistant doesn’t mean they are not skilful and competent enough. Rather, Indian workers of reputable outsourcing firms leave no scope for any complaints or disappointments. On many occasions, they supersede their western peers in terms of work quality, educational qualifications and skills. 


The cost of Indian VAs is low due to the ever-increasing competition among them. In order to get selected, they lower their rates. Also, it is because the reason that Indian’s lifestyle is much cheaper than that of western countries.  


However, the cost of VAs will fluctuate according to the type of services they are providing, their qualifications and experience, and also the reputation of the outsourcing company via which you will hire them. 


Furthermore, by hiring remote employees, you save all those costs that you usually incur for your regular employees, like health insurance, taxes, bonuses, salary increases, infrastructure, equipment, etc.


2.    Better Quality


You may not need a new employee to perform the core or new tasks, but simply to manage administrative and marketing jobs. But, what do you think, do anyone can handle administrative and marketing work? No, right? 


Such activities also require professional expertise to perform them well, so that they reap result-oriented outcomes. With Indian virtual assistants, you can be assured of a well-organized and smoothly running business. 


In India, you can easily find VAs performing a variety of tasks such as scheduling, email maintenance, social media marketing, management tasks, research work, SEO, content writing, graphic designing, customer support, and more.



3.    Time-zone advantage


You know, with Indian VAs, you can run your business round the clock? Yes! This is a great advantage that comes up with outsourcing your work to India. There is a time lag of about 9 hours and 30 minutes between India and the United States.


Therefore, if your business runs globally, you can utilize this advantage to serve your customers during the night when you or your in-house employees are not there. They can reply to live chats and emails in real-time and provide customized customer support. This way, you can prevent losing any potential customer as well as giving a good image of your company.  



4.    Multiple choices to choose from


India has a vast pool of talented and skillful VAs. It is the youngest nation in the world. Also, the number of youngsters getting graduated and opting to learn new skills like coding and digital marketing are huge there. 


So, if you consider hiring virtual assistant India, you will have several options to choose from and it is very common that VAs you hire will be well-educated to college level. There is no dearth of skilled and qualified youth in India. You will be able to find the most suitable VAs that can meet your specific business needs.



5.    Well-qualified English-speaking VAs


India comes at the second number when it comes to the most populated English-speaking nation in the world. 


When it comes to outsourcing, India is one of the world’s leading destination for virtual assistants. According to ATKearney, over the years, India has been a pioneer of the industry, offering a large number of skilled English-speaking workers that no other country can provide at this low cost.

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