Top 4 Solar Power Myths Debunked

by 123 Zero Energy Supplier of Solar Systems in Canada

The demand for renewable energy is on the rise to reduce the impact of global warming on our environment. We’re surrounded by so many renewable sources of energy, particularly solar energy, which can be used throughout the year. Though this is true, there are still so many myths revolving around the advantages acquired from solar power. It’s time remove that skepticism of solar power & improve the future outlook for it.

Myth 1: Solar panel don’t work when the weather is cloudy or cold snowy

Fact: Solar panel works well in cold, sunny and even cloud environment. The technologies used these days let solar panel work effectively and competently and are even more efficient in cooler temperature in comparison to warmer ones.

Cloudy weather doesn’t influence the effectiveness of solar panels; they can be a practical source of electrical energy as they can still generate adequate power. Even cold winter days produce a comparable level of electrical energy to what you’d get from hot summer months. Examples of nations where such systems are competent are Germany, China, the UK and Italy.

Myth 2: Solar power is too expensive and isn’t economically workable

Fact: Actually, if you look at figures from 2009 to till date, investments in solar panels have usually been on the rise as they’re becoming more cost-efficient. Their average prices have been dropped by nearly 30 percent. Worldwide, it’s actually cheaper to generate electrical energy from solar power than it is from coal.

Myth3: Solar panel installation is quite complicated and needs a lot of maintenance:

Fact: Actually, solar panel set up is considerably simple as long as you’re using a dependable manufacturer. Preferably, if your system is linked to your utility grid, which is widespread among electricity systems, then it makes solar panels easier to maintain. The solar panels would just have to be cleaned with water to take off any piled up dust or snows that has been trapped on them. Modern solar panels are built in a manner that lets them survive the unfavorable weather conditions, including hail, sleet, etc.

Myth 4: Reselling your property will be harder with solar panels:

Fact: In reality, solar panels would boost your property’s value significantly. Several studies have revealed that houses with solar panels actually sell quicker than houses without solar panels. Though the initial cost of solar panels varies from £5,000 - 8,000, you end up saving on a long-term basis as they boost your property’s worth by as much as £14,000 on average, but this is absolutely reliant on how much it’ll be worth.

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