Top 30 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

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Europe is filled with lot of fascinating cities - from capitals like Budapest, London, Prague to the smaller cities of Verona and Bruges, there are so many awe moments If you love traveling and adventures and want to see the best Europe has to offer, these are the most beautiful cities in Europe holiday packages that must be added in your bucket list.

1. Florence, Italy

The capital of Italy’s region of Tuscany is generally regarded as one of the most adorable cities in the world and after visiting you will wholeheartedly agree with this. Florence helps you experience much living history from the Renaissance period that you’ll be inspired as you try to look in every direction and soak it all in. Beyond the Cathedral and the Ponte Vecchio try to discover Florence through public parks, libraries, and smaller art galleries.

2. Vienna, Austria

Vienna can be described as a cleaner version of the French capital and having visited both a number of times. The coffee house culture is perhaps the most splendid aspect of Vienna – it has a way of taking you to a previous era with how stuffy and old school it is, but somehow so friendly welcomed with open arms.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh might be the underrated cities in Europe tour packages, if not the most. There’s something so fantastical and ethereal about this city that wins the hearts of everyone almost instantly. The major highlight can be a bunch of Harry Potter locations in the city as this is where J. K. Rowling herself wrote most of her work in fancy cafes, drawing inspiration from locations throughout Edinburgh city.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerizing cities to visit the world over and with a special mix of gothic, romanesque and renaissance architectures, has a beauty so extraordinary to itself that no other city can be compared with it. The Old Town attracts visitors any time of year, make sure to venture in to the many alleyways off the main streets and indulge in adventure of your own.

5. Moscow, Russia

If you are planning to visit Moscow you’ll know how impressive and imperial this city is, only turning the capital of the former USSR in 1918. Despite this, there’s an attracting amount of history to explore throughout the capital, beginning with the Red Square and definitely Russia’s political hub; the Red Square.

6. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a city so vibrant, you will be in a dream were you are in a real life story book. Often recognized to as the most beautiful city in all of Europe honeymoon packages, Bruges’ old world charm has an authenticity that becomes travelers prime bonus thus find out about its’ existence but – somehow – it is managed to keep up its’ charm.

7. Verona, Italy

When you visit Verona you might disbelief of how a city can be so darn fascinating in such a casual, cool-girl kinda way. Verona is known to be the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet (contentious), however you’ll soon acknowledge the rumor started when you spend more than just five minutes in the city.

8. Annecy, France

Annecy just like the postcard town that no one believes would exist in real life but certainty that it is even more attractive in person. It is situated in the southeast of France, the city overlooks calm Lake Annecy, has its’ own system of waterways and close from the alps, leaving it with a ethereal background.

9. Budapest, Hungary

A city as admirable as Budapest, its no wonder the Hungarian capital has been a prime spot for tourists travelling around Europe. Budapest is an important stop in central Europe both for its special and interesting history, but also for its grandeur and scenic beauty that could even be compared to Paris. The city is sprawling but mostly enjoyed by leisurely walks, as much of the highlights are centred around the Danube. Add in your list to venture over the river to Buda and head to Castle Hill and Fisherman’s Bastion for the ideal views of the city from above.

10. Barcelona, Spain

It would not take much time to fall in love with Barcelona, one of Europe’s most fancy cities. Full of bright colour, fascinating Gaudi architecture and some of the hearty food you’ll find across Europe, there’s too much admire in this city. As far as ethereal beauty goes, you can’t beat the never ending architectural gems in Barcelona – its a picture perfect scenery waiting to happen.

11. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is remarkable for being one of Europe’s most visited cities and for great reason. Amsterdam has a lively an fresh appeal that attracts youth with magnetic force. With its breathtaking canals and popular canal houses, this is easily one of the most magnificent cities in all of Europe.

12. Paris, France

Paris can always be seen through the lens of the 1950’s, you’ll fall in love with the city of light – full of celebrated culture, art and a living literary history through its many quirky cafes, bars, colorful streets and sidewalks that have appeared in the works of the lost generation. It is the most romantic city in Europe group tours from India.

13. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos offers not a single reason but many reasons to fall in love with it. This party destination is as fun and engaging as it is beautiful – but for the best of Mykonos, make it a priority to explore in the early hours of the morning before the crowds take to the bustling streets.

14. Valletta, Malta

Malta is filled with elegant architecture, an impressive history and culture , and some of the loveliest and wonderful locals you’ll meet – they are proud of the city Malta and they are eagerly waiting to share an unforgettable experience with you. Valletta, the capital is at the centre of this country and having been constructed in 1500, is as old and charming as it looks.

15. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is surely the prettiest seaside cities and known as classic as Nordic cities come. Nyhaven carries the collection of vibrant houses by the sea, is one of Europe’s most insta worthy spots – it looks too magical to be real! However there is too much of this city to be explored when you step inside in to the city streets – royal castles, whimsical gardens and Danish pastries will surely make your trip memorable.

16. Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden is so majestic and quaint that this will surely capture a special place in your heart. The city includes 14 islands making much of it is surrounded by water – connected by grand bridges and illuminating effortlessly in the setting sun.

17. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is Europe’s magical town: the one and only city where you can’t just get over with it, at any turn within the Old Town Walls, be surrounded by what feels like fairytale. There’s an original chemist selling unicorn dust, to begin your trip with.

18. Alesund, Norway

When you find travelers talk about prettiest city in Norway you never really hear them talk about Alesund. Having had Bergen on travel list for quite some time, you will be surprised to watch the incredible Art Deco architecture of Alesund and splendid by it. The city has always managed to retain its authenticity effortlessly.

19. St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is all time destination city in all of Europe and offering numerous imperial and imposing beauty that everyone must see it at least once. The Peter’s Summer Palace, Hermitage Museum and the canals justifies this city the nickname “Venice of the North” are just the start.

20. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is considered as one of the most adorable cities in all of Switzerland and just by seeing at photos alone, it isn’t hard to see why. This city is a bliss with an attention to detail like no other.

21. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a favourite city for every traveler in Western Europe, despite becoming one of the most famous and trending cities in Europe over recent years. The city is filled with vibrant colors and life at every point especially in the neighborhood of Alfama.

22. Strasbourg, France

In the beginning you might not feel love for the city Strasbourg but it is one of Europe’s most underrated, gorgeous cities. Bordering Germany, the French city has an extraordinary blend of architecture that you won’t find elsewhere.

23. Ghent, Belgium

Ghent will make your heart skip a beat in an instant. This university city is an engaging one: looks old but young at heart, with an attracting student population that serves this a really enjoyable city to visit. Only a short duration train ride from Bruges both gives a similar but yet so different experience!

24. Rome, Italy

Rome will make you fall in love with the history that it feels like a dream looking back. Begin your trip with exploring the sights and eating our way into a carb-induced coma. With every passing street you will be awe inspired.

25. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubronvik became really famous in recent years and has only gained popularity since becoming one of the prime shooting places for HBO’s Game of Thrones. This city is as adorable as a postcard with an idyllic location on the seaside – a combination that is truly a bliss!

26. Warsaw, Poland

Being the capital city, still Warsaw is not the first city many tourists plans to visit when heading to Poland. However it turns out, Warsaw is just as beautiful to step inside and has a charming old town that comes to a new life over the Christmas period.

27. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is a smaller city but also more charming than you have imagined. The people here are extremely friendly welcoming and proud of their country, eager to know about you where you are from and what made you visit to Iceland. Wandering the engaging streets on foot is the best way to get around, you will definitely feel lost as this is the place where the fantasy comes true!

28. Venice, Italy

This list can’t end without adding Venice, one of Europe’s most visited and beautiful cities to visit. The sinking city is believed to have a time limit in place, so make sure to have it as a priority if you want to watch it before it goes!

29. Antwerp, Belgium

This city will definitely turns out to be your favorite cities to discover in Belgium: full of youth, incredibly fashionable and fun to ride a bike around. The city centre is awe inspiring to walk around and you could spend at least few days doing just that.

30. London, United Kingdom

London will always be considered as of the most gorgeous cities in Europe and that is the reason why it is has gained the title of one of the world’s most visited cities year after year. For those royal fans there are endless things to see and do in support of the royal family, or just spending a few hours walking the bustling streets of Mayfair pretending to be posh.


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